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Your Guide To Buying Bed Sheets

Bed covers are supposed to be the most luxurious item for your room. However, bed covers are of various types. Despite the colour and design, there are various weaves, thread counts, fabrics and styles to choose from. With all these options in mind, it might not be very clear for you to choose the right one for yourself.

For picking the right ones, keep your comforts in mind first. Do you want a cosy satin coverup or a warm flannel layer for a good night’s sleep? This buying guide will help you choose the perfect bed sheets for yourself. 

How To Buy Sheets: A Buying Guide for Bed Linens 

Materials: The material you choose for your duvet is crucial, as most of the comfort level will depend upon that. The various options for materials are:

  • Cotton is a common material for high-end bed linens. It’s not only highly plush and relaxing to wear but also long-lasting and breathable. Cotton with long-staple fibres turned into high-quality, good yarns produces the best right and essential sheets. 
  • Cotton sheets are woven in various ways, and you may have also heard terms like polyester blend, sateen, and Maricopa cotton. Still, you may not be aware of the characteristics of each and the differences between them. It is essential to know these details to make an informed decision.
  • Linen: Luxury bed sheets can also be found in linen, another popular fabric option. Lightweight and breathable, linen bedding is perfect for warmer climates thanks to its organic wicking properties. 
  • Luxury Linen sheets: Compared to the smooth and crisp feel of cotton sheets, the natural fibres of deluxe linen sheets add depth and texture to your night’s sleep. Luxury linen sheets are considered some of the best in the world by those who appreciate their understated, textural elegance. 
  • Sateen is woven in a unique pattern that gives it a soft hand. Sheets made from sateen are woven with a three-under design to make them durable and shiny. With a higher thread count than percale and a thicker feel, sateen sheets are ideal for cold weather. 
  • Percale: This sturdy cotton fabric, known as percale, is woven in a plain pattern. Extremely high percale bedding is luxuriously comfortable to the touch and provides a crisp, clean feel, though it is not as plush or silky as sateen. The percale weave produces the softest and breathable cotton sheets, making them ideal for warmer climates and hot sleepers. 
  • Pima cotton is known for its exceptional softness, durability, and innate sheen and is often cited as the finest cotton in the world. To earn the coveted Pima cotton trademark, a sheet set must be woven entirely from fibres and materials from American-grown Pima cotton. Pima cotton sheets are the pinnacle of luxury and relaxation. 
  • Linen is a fabric that is universally admired for its natural irregularities and distinctive weave, which give off an air of casual elegance. Linen bedding is ideal for year-round use because of its breathable fibres and unrivalled wicking ability, not to mention its luxurious appearance, refreshing feel, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.  

Why is it essential to spend money on high-end bedding? 

Those who have never slept on high-end bedding before are in for a pleasant surprise. The highest quality luxury bedding ensures you have a good night’s sleep and a good night’s sleep for years to come. 

Thread Count

Premium bed linens are best made of extra-long staple cotton in a sateen weave. Softest and smoothest sheets have a thread count between 420 and 600 and are made from extra-long staple cotton. A higher thread count indicates better quality.

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