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Which One To Buy- Hair Bundles or Hair Wigs?

Do you want to have a totally new hair style  and are you open to using hair extensions or a wig to create this style?,

Hair bundles and wigs are both great options to experiment with for very different hair looks, but they have some distinctive special qualities that might give one an edge over the other.

To know what they are, scroll down below.

What are hair bundles?

A hair bundle is a collection of high-quality hair attached to the weft and tied together with a ribbon.

They are usually used for weave extensions and around 4-5 pieces for a full head installation.

Pros of Using Hair Bundles

    Enough versatility

They are sewn to your own hair allowing them to blend with  your real hair. This also allows you to part them in any direction for hairstyling.

    Looks like real hair

As the sew-in happens all over your head, there is no issue with blending them with the real hair because of the full coverage, which makes them look like they are naturally growing from your head.

    Easy maintenance

Having your head fully covered, you can wear them like your real hair, and the maintenance is easy in terms of cleaning and combing. You have to be very sure of one important issue and that is to  be gentle with the process

Cons of wearing Hair Bundles

    Time-consuming installation

The hair bundles are usually installed with a sewing process where the hair weft is sewn to the cornrows made out of your real hair. Also, it is recommended that you get your installation done by an experienced stylist.

    Can damage hairline

The hair bundles do have their weight applied to your hair cornrows. If the sew-ins are done too tightly, the pressure is there on your real hair, which can damage your hair roots if you use hair bundle installations repeatedly.

    Grows out soon

The hair bundles are sewn on your real hair cornrows that grow out with time. As your real hair starts getting longer, your hair bundles start growing out.So you might need to visit  the salon every couple of weeks. 

Best Hair bundles to try

Let us check out some of the best hair bundles you could try if you want voluminous, gorgeous hair and a complete transformation for yourself.

    Pure Straight Bundle

Virgin pure straight hair should be a must-try if you are looking for hairstyling options that can be experimented without the fear of hair tangling.

The straight, silky-textured hair is sourced from Indiaand can be worn without much maintenance. 

This bundle comes in the length range from 10 inches to 30 inches, and the best part is you can experiment with the texture as the hair tends to bounce back in a Straight shape after washing.

    Bounce Organic Curl Bundle

If you are a fan of bouncy kinky Afro curls, this bundle could be your pick. This Indian hair is chemical-free and undergoes a rigorous steam process to attain it’s beautiful texture and pattern. 

Being bouncy and voluminous in shape, you most likely can cover your whole head  in 5 or fewer bundles.

The length range is 10-22 inches. Available on EMI.

    Remix Deep Wave Bundle

Are you looking for beautiful wavy hair on a budget? This deep wave hair bundle will deliver you some awesome hair textures at budget-friendly prices.

Machine-drawn human hair is best to use when you want to have beautiful loose curls dangling down. It reacts well with heat styling, and you can get full sew-in in 3 bundles or so.


A human hair wig is a headpiece with hair strands attached to it, and you can wear it just like you are wearing a hat  – it will cover all your hair.

Multiple wigs are available in the market today, ranging from lace wigs to headband wigs and frontals or closures.

Pros of Hair wigs

    Instant hair length and volume

    Complete coverage

The hair wig covers your entire head. There is no issue of blending it with your real hair because your hair is underneath the wig.

    Confidence booster

Want instant length and volume? You can have a complete hair transformation through heat stylings or colors with your real hair being untouched. If you buy real human hair wigs, they look so natural that others do not know you are wearing a wig. This gives you vibrancy and confidence with the least effort.

Cons of Hair Wigs


The hair wigs are comparatively costlier than the other hair extension pieces because of the full coverage. Process of hair strands being attached to the weft or the lace is inclusive in the price of the wig.


The styling of the hair wigs becomes limit. Because they’re already manufacture with certain partition styles. And you have to create most of the hairstyles that part. However, some good-quality wigs provide free parting hair options for hairstyles.


The wigs need high maintenance to keep the luster and life of the piece. It’s obvious that if you take ultimate care of your wig, it will be part of your hair collection for a long time.

Best Hair Wigs To Try

    SEA Fiji Curl Lace Front Wig

Undergoing a special three-day steaming process for a beautiful deep low luster corkscrew curl texture, this hair wig should make it to your list if you’re looking to style the curls in endless ways.

Coming with a medium wig capsize, this wig provides you full coverage for hairstyling options. You can style this wig to get define curls or full Afro.

    PURE Wavy Lace Front Wig

With ventilated lace that gives enough room for your scalp to breathe, you should consider buying this wig if you want endless styling options.

With a good body and volume, this hair wig holds curls nicely and gives the option to straighten it too. Merely 7Oz in weight, you can choose this wig if looking for complete coverage.

    SEA Zen Straight Lace Front Wig

Light on the head to wear, this lace front wig should be in your shopping cart if you are looking for a beautiful lustrous, slightly coarse straight hair texture.

Easy to iron and blow-dry, this hair wig has a sturdy, flexible base for the best installation experience. It comes in 2 sizes- 14 and 18 inches.

Hair Wigs Vs. Hair Bundles

The choice isdefinitely subjective to customers’ preferences, but here are a few bullet points that will help you draw a defined line between the two.

  • If you are looking for customize hair, then hair bundles should be consider because you can style or treat them exactly the way you want.
  • If you are a person who really can’t keep up with frequent salon visits, then wigs are a safe and better choice because all you need is to do is wear it.
  • Try for hair bundles if you are running on a budget, as wigs are comparatively higher in price.
  • For a more natural look, go for the hair bundles because they are sew on your real hair and look like they are growing from your head.
  • If you want hair extensions to go with different hairstyles every day, choose hair bundles because they provide more hair styling options than hair wigs because of the construction issues. 


In the end, we are not here to declare either of the above a winner. The idea of writing this blog was to provide you with information on whether a wig or  hair extensions serves yourpurposet. Please consider the easy one for you in terms of texture, styling,  maintenance, and budget and go for it.

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