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What You Need to Know About Smoke Curtains and How They Work

To understand how they work and why they are a vital component of fire safety, you should first understand smoke curtains. Smoke curtains are active fire protection products that are not activated unless a critical event happens, such as a fire. Instead of being an actual wall, they are an invisible barrier that creates a new wall when a critical event occurs. This article will talk about the importance of smoke curtains and their use, including installation and maintenance.

Elevator smoke curtains

While smoke curtains for elevators may not prevent the spread of fire, they can protect your building’s passengers. These smoke-shielding devices are adjustable and can automatically retract when the fire alarm is retriggered. They can also be operated manually or with a button that automatically raises and lowers the curtain. Depending on how many layers your curtain is made of, they can keep fire out for four hours.

Elevator smoke curtains are the best solution when you need a smoke barrier in your building. These curtains are installed over the doors of elevators to prevent smoke from entering them. Since elevator shafts pull air upwards, smoke can spread quickly and rapidly. Many fire codes require smoke barriers. Smoke Guard elevator smoke curtains meet these requirements. They are easy to install and provide a smoke barrier that protects your elevator.

A smoke curtain is necessary for building safety, as the smoke could spread to other floors if it were not protected. So, it’s essential to have one of these smoke curtains installed in every elevator. Click here to learn how do smoke curtains work.

Perimeter curtains

A perimeter smoke curtain is an essential tool in containing smoke in a large building. These curtains can enclose an entire stairway or an atrium, stopping smoke from spreading throughout a building. They help channel smoke away from elevator doors while preventing widespread smoke infiltration. They are best placed near exhaust vents so that they won’t block one entrance. And, unlike other smoke curtains, perimeter curtains don’t require corner posts or walls to form a boundary.

Since smoke can travel through vents, stairways, elevator shafts, and other large openings, smoke curtains are the best option to contain it. They are easy to install and can work with existing detection systems. A smoke curtain can also reduce the amount of damage caused by fire. There are several advantages of smoke containment systems.


Generally, smoke curtains are installed above walkways and aisles, and they should not be located underneath the primary fire sources. Moreover, they must be well-placed above the exits. To make sure that the curtains are appropriately placed, you should consider the distance of the exits from the main building entrance.

These curtains are designed to be concealed and do not interfere with the building’s aesthetics. Once installed, they remain retracted until triggered. They can be operated by a manual switch, alarm, or detector signal. Once triggered, smoke curtains descend into an operational position. They are also very versatile, making them suitable for almost any location.


Depending on the type of smoke curtain, smoke curtains may need routine maintenance to ensure they are operating properly and safely. 

Smoke curtains are a key part of the fire safety system in any building. Proper care and maintenance of these systems will ensure that they are in top condition for the life of the building and the lives of everyone who uses them. In many cases, they are incorporated into the architecture of a building, which can make them ineffective as fire protection measures. For this reason, maintenance is an essential part of fire safety. If you have a smoke curtain installed in your building, consider contacting SG Specialties, a company specializing in fire and smoke curtains.

Regular maintenance of smoke curtains should be done by trained personnel familiar with fire protection systems. It is essential to perform these inspections to ensure that the smoke curtains function properly and continue to protect the building from massive fire damage. When done properly, maintenance of fire curtains will help maintain their proper function and save the lives of the building occupants. In addition to preventing the spread of fire, regular checkups will ensure compliance with building codes and standards and ensure your building remains compliant with insurance policies.

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