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What to look for in womens tap shoes?

Whether a beginner tap dancer or a professional, you need a pair of tap shoes that meet your highest expectations for quality, durability, and style. Since you are reading this article, it seems you have landed up here looking for a new pair of womens tap shoes. There are loads of choices, so this article will help you pick a pair that caters to all your tap dancing requirements. 

Tap dancing is not only a fantastic recreational activity, but it may also be the ideal approach for certain people to get healthy and reduce weight when combined with a wholesome, nutrient-rich diet. Tap dancing is also a profession and career option for some people. Whatever your motivation for tap dancing, you need to consider a few essential things when picking out this style of dance footwear. Continue reading and find out what they are!


Selecting your first pair of tap shoes might be exciting, but knowing where to begin can be challenging. First and foremost, it is a good idea to understand the qualities that make up a good pair of tap shoes. Metal plates are placed on the heel and toe of these shoes; these plates are known as taps, and when tapped against a hard surface, they produce a loud tapping sound. 

Tap dancing can only be done successfully with the right shoes. Tap dancing wouldn’t exist if the appropriate sound of the tapping shoe didn’t exist. The noise they create is what makes tap dancing what it is. Sometimes, they will arrive with both the toe and heel taps already affixed. It’s more likely that the toe taps will already be attached, whereas you will be required to attach the heel taps. 


As with any style, comfort is the most crucial factor when choosing dancing shoes. Without adequately fitted tap shoes, the dancer’s ability will be restricted, making the quality of the sound and their style irrelevant. A decent pair should be snug without being overly tight on foot. Even if the dancer’s feet are still developing, it is advisable to proceed with caution when leaving room in the shoe for growth because any movement of the shoes, while they are on the feet significantly increases the risk of developing blisters and creating discomfort.


Though the type of tap shoes you choose will largely depend on your particular preferences, it is advisable to consider their material to ensure you get the most comfortable style. The leather upper on most tap shoes will soften with wear and add a little bit more room inside the shoe. Some tap shoes have a PVC upper, which is, no doubt, a less expensive option but does not soften as much as leather. 

While the men’s options are generally straightforward, women must consider the heel height they desire in their tap shoes. While a higher heel may appear more enticing to some, it can be challenging for beginners to learn to tap dance when wearing one. Therefore, starting with a pair of tap shoes that are relatively flat is advised before switching to shoes with heels as you develop more confidence and experience.


Tap shoes are a ‘must-have’ for tap dancers, but because they are specialised footwear with a small market, the price can be fairly high. An excellent pair of leather tap shoes might cost several hundred dollars. There are man-made, affordable options that can be a fantastic choice for beginners. For these shoes, you should be prepared to spend at least $200, and the most expensive ones, which are built to fit, can cost up to $1000. So you don’t need to spend a fortune on your tap shoes. All you need to do is, before splurging on a pair of womens tap shoes, do some research and find the best available deal on the internet. 

Now that you have gone through this article hope you have understood what you need to look for when buying a pair of tap shoes. So, start your search for the best pair of footwear now!

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