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What Is The Global Montessori Plus Programme (GMP) In Nursery School Dubai?

Providing Montessori education to your child will give them a perfect start and a healthy foundation for elementary years. Thoughtfully designed by Dr. Maria Montessori to offer children opportunities to develop their own capabilities in a strategically-prepared environment. This learning method of Dubai Indian school for young minds combines various elements that promote the holistic development of the child.

Let’s understand what makes the Global Montessori Program Special?

What Is GMP Followed By The Best Montessori Nursery In Dubai?

The Global Montessori Plus Programme (GMP)

Here, teachers encourage the children to engage in activities of their choice which stimulate growth, intelligence, and overall development. Teachers give them enough time to explore activities at their own pace. The Montessori education lays a firm foundation for their academic journey, developing various skills, and character development at a young age.

‍GIIS Montessori learning programs for preschool children are a customization of the original method of Maria Montessori combined with current modern practices to fit into the latest education trends and therefore it is known as GMP “Plus”

Age Group

The curriculum is the best fit for kids aged 2.5 years to 6 years (children from different age groups help one another). A sense of community is established where older ones help younger ones and mixed-age groupings eliminate competition and build self-esteem.

5 Pillars Of GMP Plus Programme Of Montessori Nursery Dubai

The “Excelerate” Program

Excelerate means speeding up the skills enablements in children and nurturing them to be lifelong learners. Under this program, they give children challenges and activities every day. It promotes academic excellence where children are taught reading, writing, numeracy skills, and language development through singing, listening, and speaking. They also learn to follow a routine and organization skills.

Multi-Faceted Learning

This pillar focuses on giving importance to the personal interests of students via a thematic learning methodology that encourages students to develop extraordinary skills like inherent personality traits, physical skills, and cognitive development.

Teachers give various activities to children where they explore, choose what interests them and create customized activities based on their personal interests thus developing a love for learning in them with a holistic approach towards education.

Iplay Program

GMP of Montessori nursery Dubai is a perfect balance program that is a combination of academics and play-based learning.

Play is necessary for preschoolers as it incites children and therefore teachers create games and fun activities to make the learning experience enjoyable.

Here, they are given the freedom to choose their favorite game and can decide with whom they want to play which is guided and supervised by the teachers to ensure safety.

All games activities plan to promote physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. This program fosters innovative skills, and encourages independence and cooperation, at a very young age.

Icare Program

Under this program, students learn the importance of caring for the community and the environment, and the art of selfless giving, compassion, and empathy from a young age. GIIS hosts regular charity drives and environmentally friendly activities like offering donations, tree planting and gardening, and many other such activities.

Students learn fundamental values and build strong character attributes that mold them into selfless and respectable citizens.

Future Ready Program

This program prepares the students for the competitive world with 21st-century skills and provides them with various opportunities to learn and adapt to the modern technology which is needed to thrive in a constantly changing world.

Children learn trending new technology, arts, entrepreneurship, and leadership from an early age and gain various experiences (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM)). Teachers guide students to explore and know their interests and talents. The NextGen learning facilities nourish the students’ mental growth and develop critical thinking and creativity.

The Benefits Of The GMP Curriculum Of Dubai Indian School


They designed the curriculum in a structured child-centered environment to promote a love for learning and discipline at a young age. They designed the classroom keeping in mind the young talents. The materials are within a child’s reach, shelves are placed at a convenient level for children. Desks and chairs are as per child size, and there are other pictures and decorations placed at the children’s eye level so that students become more independent and they do not hinder their learning due to their small height. Of Course, this knowledge comes with a regular routine properly guided by teachers initially, hence students learn the importance of structure, order, and discipline from a young age.

Overall Development

The GMP Plus Programme follows a holistic approach to preparing children for life and not just academics. Thus, the curriculum focuses on the overall development of the students such as academics, cognitive, emotional, and social development.

Firm Foundation

GMP lays a firm foundation for children’s elementary years. They learn valuable lessons which stay with them lifelong and help them to be successful.

Nurtures Talent

Children have the freedom to choose activities as per their interests and continue to do them in their own space. So they are given enough time to learn at their speed thus nurturing their talent and helping them to pursue what they love.

Other Goals Of Montessori Education At Dubai Indian School

  • Developing a positive attitude toward school
  • To create learning activities for each child that appeals to them
  • Helping children develop self-confidence which contributes to their healthy emotional development.
  • Building a habit of concentration
  • Developing habits of initiative, persistence, and perseverance.
  • Fostering inner security and a sense of order in the child


The GMP plus program recognizes the uniqueness of children and aims to develop it further through various activities. It promotes social, emotional, intellectual, and physical development. The age-appropriate learning environment and curriculum are designed to enable children to reach their fullest potential. Give your child a great start with Montessori nursery Dubai where a warm and positive environment will make them feel secure, respected, and loved.

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