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What Is Melamine Foam?

Melamine Foam is a foam-like material, which is made of a condensed form of melamine and formaldehyde. It’s the active component in products like Magic Eraser and abrasive cleaning sponges. It can be used for a variety of purposes, including soundproofing and moisture-control. It is also a durable and environmentally-friendly choice.


The production of Melamine Foam is controversial because of its high levels of formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a carcinogen, which can cause internal tissue corrosion. It also causes irritation. Melamine and formaldehyde are used in the production of foam that has high tensile strength. The foam is created when gas bubbles are trapped in the resin.


Melamine foam has an extremely fine pore reticulated structure, which allows it to absorb moisture readily. Its hydrophilic and hygroscopic properties are important for high humidity applications. The material is also fire-resistant, producing low levels of formaldehyde. This makes it suitable for use in many aerospace and architectural applications.


Melamine foam is a soft foam that can be molded into various shapes. Its hardness and elasticity can be tested for different compression ratios. Its resistance to collapse phenomenon is remarkable, and it exhibits excellent durability. The hardness of melamine foam is comparable to that of conventional padding foam, so that it is an ideal material for cushioning and padding.


One of the best ways to smother noise is to install acoustic panels made of melamine foam. These panels are lightweight and easy to install. You can purchase them in sheets or panels and cut them yourself with a utility knife or fine-toothed saw. Just remember to use a sharp tool to make the cuts, because a dull knife will leave uneven edges.

Heat insulation

Melamine foam is used in many applications as a heat insulator, including heating ducts. This foam is non-combustible, and it has a high thermal conductivity of 0.25 BTU/ft2/hr at 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Its rigid cell structure means that the material does not settle and stays effective for years. It is also lightweight, and meets all applicable HVAC and aviation safety standards.

Fire resistance

Melamine foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is fire resistant. This material is popular in many industrial settings and is a good choice for many applications, including fire-proofing. However, the high flammability and air permeability of PU foams can be problematic, particularly if they contain halogenated flame retardants, which are not considered optimal. Instead, non-halogenated alternatives are increasingly being used, such as melamine.

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