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What Is Coyote Fencing & How Much Does It Cost?

Fences are built for multiple reasons. It may be for privacy, safety, security, or merely for aesthetics and curb appeal. But the most common reason is to discourage trespassers from entering your property. If you are planning to have a fence, always consider the main purpose and features.

One of the most useful and popular fences is the coyote fence. A coyote fence is made from a heavy steel mesh that goes a few feet underground to prevent coyotes from digging and high enough (about 5 feet) to prevent them from climbing. The fencing is made up of “latillas” or thin logs. These latillas are bound together with baling wire. The standard heights of this type of fence are 5′, 6′, and 8′.

Coyote fencing originated in the southwestern part of the USA. It was used by ranchers as protection from coyotes. This is most common in Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico. Coyote fencing has become an important aspect of Southwestern landscape architecture.

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What are the advantages of Coyote Fencing?

• It keeps coyotes away.

Coyote fencing can deter coyotes from entering your yard or pasture. However, one of the most important factors to consider is the height of the fence. Ideally, it should be 5 feet or higher to prevent them from climbing.

• It boosts curb appeal.

This type of fencing is naturally attractive and offers a rustic look to your home and property. Traditionally, a coyote fence is made of redwood or cedarwood. There are also other options but if you are after durability redwood and cedarwood are the top choices.

• It keeps other intruders away.

Coyote fences do not only get rid of coyotes but other fence-climbing creatures and wild animals as well. You do not want to see a wild cat, raccoon, rabbit intruding on your private space. This also prevents human intruders who try to scale your fence.

• Installation and removal are fast and easy.

The good thing about this fence is it’s easier to install and remove than other fences. If you are planning to move to another home., it can be installed on your new property

How much does coyote fencing cost?

During the pandemic, almost all commodities have gone up. Raw materials became scarce including wood. Like metals, the prices of wood vary. Certain woods are more costly than others. For example, a western red cedar is more expensive than the Southern Yellow pine. In 2020, the average cost of a coyote fence installation ranged from $16.84 and $21.59 per linear foot

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