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What Impact Does Parenting Have On A Child

Children learn all that they see around them. They engulf their surrounding happenings in their memory and eventually tend to possess a temperament or quality according to it. And here is where parenting becomes an important part of this story. Because a child replicates his/her parents, it is very essential for guardians, as well as family members, to provide them with a healthy space. A space where they can grow, and get nurtured.

But it is also to be kept in mind, that along with good parenting comes the right training. And in today’s world, Montessori schools have developed top-notch modules for the right training of these little ones for their overall growth and development. In fact, every other CBSE schools in pcmc have been consistently providing kids support in developing themselves right from the very beginning.

Parenting- The First Impact

This can be unanimously agreed upon, that what a child first sees or tries to replicate, is their parents. Some tend to replicate their mothers, while some are inclined toward their fathers. So both the parents must equally be attentive, and try to build a friendly and healthy atmosphere for the child. Moreover, parents searching for montessori school near me in Pune, don’t have to worry about their child’s mentoring once they admit their little ones to any Montessori programs.

Now, parenting is a sensitive stage that requires a lot of patience and understanding. If this is not taken care of carefully, it may lead to a devastating effect on a child. But you also have to make sure that they get their share of freedom and enjoy it.

Therefore, as good parenting has several positive effects on a child, bad parenting may lead to quite a lot of negativities as well. Let us explore that in the following section.

Positive Impacts Of Parenting

Taking care of a child the right way, providing them with a healthy surrounding to grow up in, could be tough but not impossible. But its benefits are manifold! So, here are some of the positive impacts that parenting has on a child-

Motivation – Draws Away Negativity!

One of the major positives that affect a child through motivational parenting is that it draws away any kind of negativity from the child! People have researched that motivating a child to do or not do something affects largely what the child thinks any task to be. For example, telling “please do this job” instead of “don’t try if you cannot” helps a great deal in making the child understand and stay motivated.


Understanding has a deeper sense and means a lot more than its literal sense. It is a quality that develops not just through speeches but actions as well. Trying to be patient and attentive when children are trying to say something, and trying to understand their situation sets an example before them. They think of what their parents do when they face some kind of a similar situation. And that is where the difference in understanding makes.


Another important quality that not just every child but every human being should be possessing, is honesty. And this is also another quality which develops a great deal when children see it around them, especially in their parents. Obviously, this also requires the right kind of grooming, and CBSE schools in pcmc excel in training these young fellows with their overall academic and development programs.

Authoritative Parenting- Helps To Achieve Goals!

This may sound cliche, but overall the negativities of over-strict parenting, also help boost a child’s temperament and drives them to achieve their set of goals. The authoritarian parenting style places a strong emphasis on organization, and it is via this structure that parents assist children in accomplishing their goals by giving step-by-step instructions that they must follow. Creating structure ensures that youngsters understand what parents expect from them, which goes a long way toward reducing errors.

So, out of so many positives, these are some of the major ones that lay its impact on a child from the very beginning. Shortly after this comes the years of Montessori age, and parents start to look around the best schools or search ‘best Montessori school near me and try to provide their child with the best.

Negative Impacts Of Parenting

And now comes some pointers about the ill effects that bad and authoritative parenting might have on a child.

Lack Of Self-Esteem

Children reared in an authoritarian parenting style tend to evaluate their self-esteem based on how well or poorly they can follow their parents’ regulations. They tend to construct their self-worth by relying on their parents’ comments, so when their parents don’t approve of their decisions, they feel dejected and socially incompetent.

Lack Of Adjustability And Flexibility

Authoritarian parenting has highly rigid standards that don’t allow for any other options. We usually expect children to follow their parents’ rules or face punishment. This issue also is connected to adjustability, as the child never learns to adjust to circumstances or people later ahead in life.

Damaging Habits

Parents’ poor behaviors, such as drinking, smoking, and lying, can have a significant impact on their children’s physical and mental health. When a child sees his parents live a disciplined lifestyle that includes a good diet and regular exercise, he is more inclined to emulate and practice it himself.

Problems In Relationships

Quarrels and heated arguments between husband and wife can hurt a child’s physical and mental health. The harsh environment at home will stifle the little ones’ self-assurance and desires. It affects not only his connection with his parents but also his cynicism and suspicion of relationships in general.

Hence, these are some of the ill impacts that authoritative and bad parenting can have on children in due course of their lives.


Montessori grooming becomes another absolute necessity, to train the child and make progress in their development. And it is for this reason that CBSE schools in pcmc have Montessori curriculums to train your child from the very beginning.

So if parents residing in Pune are still in search of a Montessori school near me the right choice for them would be to head for CBSE schools in pcmc. Therefore, it is now clear why parenting is important and impactful on the life of children. So, parents need to deal with these years in a very sensitive and understanding manner.


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