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What can be done with Instagram?

Instagram is a social networking platform. Instagram is a combination of instant camera and telegram. Instagram is an app that offers free online photo sharing applications and is also called a social networking platform.In addition, Instagram also explains that it is a social networking service or app through which videos and photos are shared, liked, commented and can be done.

It started out as a standalone activity, but Facebook is currently running it. Although it started operations on its own, Facebook is currently running it. Instagram’s journey began in 2010 in San Francisco.  It was co-created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger with the sole intention of sharing photos.Facebook bought it in 2012 and continues to do so under its authority. Its popularity is increasing day by day. With the help of 1 billion people in the world are active monthly. 

Android, laptop users can install the Instagram application from the Google Play Store.  It can also be run on Instagram.com. After downloading the app, you need to open it and create an account with Facebook, email id.  And in this way it is possible to open an account and run it. It’s a very easy task to run, just download the app or go to its website and upload photos or videos by clicking on the plus icon.

Instagram helps us in various tasks. We can do different things through Instagram. Such as:

  1. Earlier instagram was used only for photo sharing but now it has various uses.
  2. People who use Instagram, like other social networking platforms, can like, comment and bookmark other people’s posts.However, there is no chance of dislike, it has just only love react.
  3. It is possible to send messages to any follower, friends etc from Instagram Messenger. 
  4. Using Instagram, photos can be shared on multiple social media sites, including Twitter and Facebook, with a single click. 
  5. Not only do people in their own country use Instagram, but all countries use Instagram to connect with people all over the world.
  6. If there is less space or less storage in the phone, then the photos of the phone can be left on Instagram, deleted from the phone and later collected, downloaded and downloaded from Instagram.Instagram permanently saves all images or photos for free.
  7. It is possible to earn money using Instagram. If Instagram has more followers, then that person is paid from Instagram. As a result, anyone can buys  Instagram followers for cheap and to increase their followers.
  8. To do business, the opportunity to start a free business and all the information about the business organization is available on Instagram. This is a unique opportunity for online business. Those who do new business can expand their business through Instagram.
  9. It can be used to advertise. Someone’s personality, someone’s identity, someone’s talent can be revealed without any television, radio or any source.
  10.  NASA or ISRO follows such organizations research work can be learned using Instagram. 

This is how instagram works for us. 

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At last we can say that the use of instagram is increasing day by day.This instagram is a unique way to communicate with everyone. So, we should all be careful about using Instagram. 

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