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Wearing Heels- An Undoubtedly Right Choice

Whenever we go down the personality-defining history of famous people or come across photographs and writings, heels have always been part of their wardrobe. It has been thought to project the class and stature of a woman with her selection of dresses and footwear. Therefore, heels are worn for decades and are never considered out of fashion. 

The Sleek Stilettos:

A sleek high heel is dream wear for almost every girl. From being a child till a girl is in her teens, every time she finds a heel at a store or home, she tries it out. Wearing stilettos is the trend of the current times. These are pointed high heels, which are made fancy by inducing new designs, heights, and studs to them. A stiletto is the best option to style at formal events, weddings, or a dinner.

Wedges for that Edgy Look:

Wedges are a shoe style that also falls in the category of platforms. These were designed by the well-known designer Salvatore Ferragamo in the 1940s. These shoes have a sole mostly of rubber which gives the support in an inclined form, from heel to toe. Wearing wedges is comfortable and can serve the purpose of both casual and formal wear.

Kitten Heels- A Reasonable Option:

Who doesn’t love a nice pair of kitten heels? Everybody does! Kitten heels play the part of being formal footwear adding the comfort factor to your heels. These were introduced in the 1950s for young girls to style as formal wear. Kitten heels are mostly designed in court shoes and peep-toes. They were never considered out of fashion, but, have recently come into the limelight again. This year the kitten heels are back in the most trending colors and designs, making us all instantly fall for them.

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