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Unique lighting for architectural elegance and efficiency

Australia is filled with beautiful architectural marvels such as the Sydney house, Queen Victoria Building, Parliament house, etc. Similarly, even individual houses adorn this beautiful city with unique building styles.

But all of these structures have one thing in common. Wonder what it is? A beautiful and smart lighting method that brings out the best features of any architecture! Any house or structure can get a makeover with some affordable architectural lighting.

This article will guide you to get a basic idea about architectural lighting!

What is architectural lighting?

Architectural lighting is used to bring out the features of the building. The purpose behind this might be aesthetic or safety-related. For instance, many delicate outlines of constructions need subtle lighting to bring out their best feature in the dark.

Similarly, the lighting gives clarity to the features at night, which can be crucial to avoid dangers due to compromised night vision. For instance, we get a better sense of depth and dimensions of the object in front when the lighting is proper.

Things to consider before buying architectural lighting

You should consider various factors to plan out buying lighting for your room or house.


The lighting that’ll suit a room in your house will depend on the size and openness of the room, in addition to the floor type and wall colour. Rooms with large windows which are well lit during the day and have lovely views during the evening will require spread-out, dimmable yellow lights.

Apart from planning the lighting of a room correctly, you’ll also need to avoid drastic ambience changes from room to room.


Installing a more comprehensive array of lower intensity lights will be costlier than a single to few LEDs. The cost will also increase if you want a roof, wall, or other kinds of hidden lighting. Depending on where you spend the most time in your house, you can budget for lighting planning accordingly.


A book/study room will require brighter lights to avoid eye strain. On the contrary, the bedroom or the living room will have a better ambience with dim and spread-out lights.

Types of architectural lighting

Now that you know the basics of architectural lighting let’s talk about the different types available for your home.

Lighting to highlight an object

Generally, accent lighting focuses on or highlights objects 90 degrees to the floor. For instance, these are like little lamps used for ornamental or safety-emphasising reasons. You can usually find these lights under paintings, trucks, statues, etc.

Lighting for better visibility

Affordable architectural lighting is also used to enhance the visibility of a workplace. Generally, these lightings are fluorescent to spot minute details comfortably with the naked eye. Moreover, they are installed in huge bulk, which is why they are usually energy-saving.

Lighting for overall surrounding illumination

Ambient lighting brings out a soft glow in a particular area. Generally, you will spot these lightning integrated into furniture. For instance, lining the inside of a showcase, in the fall ceilings, or at the bottom of the stairs, etc.

There are many ways to use lighting judiciously and creatively. The main criteria are to determine your basic needs and budget. Depending on this, you can use a wide variety of affordable architectural lighting options to revamp your area.

Wisely planning your lighting requirements, you can save a lot of your money and energy. For instance, familiarity with all the different lighting can save you from buying a costlier light that doesn’t even serve the purpose well!

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