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Top tips for purchasing water damage restoration accessories online

When you’re ready to purchase water damage restoration equipment, there are several things to consider. Read on to learn more about water extraction machines, air scrubbers, and dehumidifiers. However, before you make your purchase, you’ll want to know what to look for. 

Check the types of water extraction machines

There are several different water extraction machines available for use in a water damage restoration job. Some are portable, while others are large and are intended for use in larger flood restoration jobs. These machines feature a water recovery chamber and a 50-foot dump hose for continuous water and sludge removal. The best water extraction machine will depend on the extent of the damage to a structure.

Carpet wands are not end-all-be-all water extraction machines, but they’re an excellent starting point. These tools will quickly remove water, such as standing puddles or pools. Carpet wands are also suitable for bare floors and can be used to remove water from glue-down carpets that don’t require a cushion. 

Experts from thorair.com.au recommend that you use the services of a professional water extraction company. This service will ensure that the most affected areas receive the best possible results in the shortest amount of time. Water extraction is a crucial part of the restoration process, and the process will help eliminate excess water, prevent mould growth, and restore air quality. Professional water extraction companies will use professional tools to complete the job, including water pumps and vacuums.

Inspect air scrubbers

These specialized devices use high-velocity airflow to clean the air while reducing harmful airborne particles. They are particularly useful during the restoration process because they can be used with other air filtration devices. Air scrubbers clean the air, removing odours and pollutants, and ensuring a clean, safe environment for workers and residents.

Multi-purpose air scrubbers serve many purposes. They feature a pre-filter to capture larger particles, increasing the efficiency of the main filter. Most air scrubbers feature an optional carbon filter, which traps gas and vapour molecules. These particles are responsible for many odours, and the carbon particles attracted to the surface of the carbon filter will absorb the gas.

Consider Dehumidifiers

If you’ve recently dealt with water damage, you probably need to use a dehumidifier. It can help with the drying process and expedite the repair process. In addition, a dehumidifier can prevent secondary damages caused by the growth of mould and bacteria. 

Once you’ve purchased a dehumidifier, you should decide how long you want it to operate. The amount of time a dehumidifier should work depends on water damage. A professional water restoration contractor can determine the exact length of time it needs to dehumidify a home. For example, different types of furniture absorb water at varying rates, so a dehumidifier must be set for a specific time to dry out any damaged furniture.

Consider Flood insurance

If you have suffered water damage, it can be challenging to determine your next steps. First, call your insurance company. Keep your flood insurance policy handy, and take photos of the damage. Some insurers use drone footage to assess the extent of the damage. You should take pictures of all affected items and contact your insurance agent for a claim. Once you’ve obtained your insurance claim, you should contact your insurance agent to determine what services you need. You can get a discount for using a water damage restoration service in some cases.

Consider the price of flood recovery items

Don’t forget to consider the price of flood recovery items. While they may be more expensive, online retailers offer great prices and installation services. In addition to this, online stores will usually include free shipping, which makes them a good option for many homeowners. However, consider buying them locally if you need to purchase large quantities of water damage restoration accessories. Regardless of where you are buying your supplies, make sure you buy quality, long-lasting products that will stand up to the test of time.

Flood insurance can help you pay for the cost of restoring your home if flood waters cause extensive damage. Whether you’re buying flood insurance online or from an insurance agent, it will pay to protect your home against water damage and restore it on time. 

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