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Top Tips For Buying Your Wedding Jewellery

Are you planning to buy a beautiful piece of wedding jewellery? Here are some tips for deciding what style to go for. Keep your budget in mind and consider your wedding dress details. Also, remember to select gemstones that compliment your dress. The final tip is to choose your jewellery according to your style. Keep reading to find out more about the buying process of wedding jewellery. After all, you deserve a special piece of jewellery, which makes it so wonderful.

Consider mixing metals

Buying mixed metals is an increasingly popular trend in bridal jewellery, and it gives modern brides and grooms the freedom to express their personalities and style. Combining two metals in one set is possible, or you can design a single ring that incorporates both metals. In either case, mixing different metals will create a more subtle effect. Ordekian Jewellery is a handmade jewellery designer in Gold Coast that will look great on you and give you the freedom to create more unusual combinations and stacking styles in the future. 

Consider the cut and colour

While some gemstones are more popular than others, they may not always blend in well with your ensemble. Gemstones can be faceted or uncut, but a properly cut stone will reflect light evenly and look symmetrical. On the other hand, faceted gemstones will have darker or washed-out areas.

Sapphires are known for their blue hue. They are a timeless choice. They are also available in a range of shades. The deeper their shade, the more the quality shines through. Sapphires are also popular as they are believed to signify fidelity, loyalty, and wisdom. They look gorgeous in both vintage and contemporary settings. 


Although gold can be expensive, sterling silver can give you a white gold look at a lower cost. Precious stones such as diamonds are costly, but you can also find cheaper alternatives, such as cubic zirconia, a man made diamond. These alternatives are great for those on a budget but still look beautiful. 

The amount you spend on wedding rings is directly proportional to your financial situation, and a wedding ring should not be so expensive that it puts your joint financial future at risk. Instead, choose a cheaper option that you and your fiancé will appreciate. 

Choosing a style

Depending on your dress style, you can skip the bracelet and stick with the necklace and earrings. The key here is balance, as an elaborate necklace will look overwhelming if paired with a simple earring. The same goes for diamond stud earrings and pendant diamond necklaces. Likewise, avoiding the bracelet is recommended if you plan to wear a long sleeve. Instead, you can skip the bracelet and opt for a delicate diamond ring.

Choosing a neckline

Usually, a bridal necklace with two or three pendants is appropriate. You can also layer necklaces and bracelets to create a longer piece that covers more skin. You may want to consider an illusion neckline. This style gives off an illusion and has a tulle layer underneath. A simple diamond necklace or a choker would work well with this style. Alternatively, a pendant necklace is an attractive choice. If you don’t want to wear a necklace with your neckline, you can wear coloured stone or pearl studs. Choosing a neckline is essential for a wedding dress, so make sure you pick a piece that complements your gown.

Choosing heirlooms

If you plan to pass down your bridal jewellery to future generations, you should consider heirlooms. Heirlooms have the potential to be treasured for generations. For instance, you can pass down a charm bracelet, and the next generation can do the same with the next band, and so on. Buying wedding jewellery as an heirloom means that your chosen item will remain timeless.

As the name implies, an heirloom is an item that has been in the family for many generations. It is an excellent option for a bride-to-be who likes traditional styles and does not want the newest trends. Heirlooms are a great choice for those who value tradition and timeless style over trendy designs. Make sure your heirloom is made from durable materials and quality stones.


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