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Things to Know Before Living in a Student Apartment

Typically, when looking to join a college, you have to find a place to stay while pursuing your dream. For this reason, you have to learn about student apartments. This will help you make an informed decision like where to live, your budget, etc. Be sure to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of various areas. In most cases, your college will be where you haven’t been before.

The first step in finding a suitable student apartment is touring some areas where you would wish to stay. While most of these apartments are usually posted online, they might look different in reality. Thus, be sure to visit them and decide after you are satisfied with how they look and other available services. You should know the following before you agree to sign a student apartment lease.

1. Neighborhood

When looking for a student apartment to rent, the neighborhood is one of the crucial things to consider. You can consider living where you feel comfortable and secure. One of the best ways to sense your apartment area is by wandering around either after or before viewing it.

Choose a place with well-lit roads and traffic. That way, you will be sure of security while walking to or from school. In addition, ensure that transport links are available, shops, and ask about the hours that buses stop operating.

2. Check for Any Signs of Damp

Another thing to know when searching for a student apartment is that damp accommodation can ruin your sofas and clothes or cause health issues. Some of the tell signs of a damp housing include:

  • Cold walls than usual
  • Mildew or black mound on walls, ceilings, or floors
  • Musty smell
  • Excessive condensations on windowsills and windows
  • Discolored patches or peeling of paint and wallpaper

3. Safety First

Thieves often target student apartments as they are sure of electronic gadgets and laptops on the property. In addition, most students go out and mostly leave the doors and windows open, thus giving an accessible entrance for thieves.

For this reason, you should talk about property security before moving in. Be sure to confirm the quality of window and door locks. You can also enquire if the property has extra security measures such as a burglar alarm.

Another security feature you must consider is fire safety. In most areas, landlords are responsible for providing functional smoke alarms in their properties. In the case of large apartments, there should be fire extinguishers available. Also, ensure no exposed power cables or dodgy plug sockets and request immediate action if you note some.

4. Pest Control

When looking for your next home during your college life, look for signs of pests and rodents. If you find any sign, you can choose to forgo the property or alert the landlord for immediate action.

5. Appliances and Furnishing

Once you locate the apartment that suits you, ask about the furnishing and appliances, as they could belong to the previous occupant. These items include squishy sofas, towel racks, beds, etc. This will help you understand the things you need to acquire as you move in.

Be sure to see that the set-up will suit you and whether the kitchens have adequate space. A fridge is another thing to consider; choose a student apartment with a big fridge depending on the number of your flatmates. The meal tables should also be able to accommodate all during house meals. In addition, if there is any broken furniture or appliances, be sure to bring them to the landlord’s attention immediately.

If you want a comfortable place to live during your college period, the Depot at Akron student apartments could be that place. The apartments are well furnished, offering the students the luxury and independence they need.

6. Shared Utilities

Most utilities in student accommodations are shared. Water is one of the utilities students share, and thus you can be sure of a lot of activities, especially when it comes to bathrooms. For this reason, you should look for a student apartment with enough facilities. Also, ensure that the showers and taps have adequate water pressure to avoid the unsteady shower.

Wi-Fi is another shared utility; therefore, you need to look for a property with an excellent connection to avoid frustrations when streaming, studying, etc. Also, ask whether the Wi-Fi is strong enough to reach all rooms.

Generally, once you locate a perfect student apartment for you and your flatmates, don’t hesitate to sign the lease.

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