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Reasons To Hire A Domestic Violence Lawyer

New South Wales, a beautiful state in Australia with a capital city like Sydney, is known for its tourist locations, food, culture and opportunities that favour people of all ages. However, many families that have migrated to NSW have experienced domestic violence. Domestic violence has been concerning for the state as the records have been at an all-time high, including cases of murder.

Domestic violence isn’t restricted to physical violence but emotional and financial trauma that the partner in control gives. Alongside the intimate partner, the children involved also suffer greatly psychologically and physiologically. Domestic violence charges in NSW or Australia, in general, are stricter than in other countries. It is considered a severe offence where the alleged defendant can be sent to prison with a criminal record. According to data, one in every four women and one in every nine men are likely to be assaulted by their intimate partner. The most common offences include strangling, bodily harm, harassment, distributing images without consent, etc. Not all domestic violence cases are filed due to the fear of the intimate partner for the safety of their children.

It is essential to know the repercussions of their case and the process involved. Many people lack information about these processes and require a lawyer to guide them to the proper path for the victim and the defendant. Many people misuse the law that provides safety for all for their gains, which is commonly seen in domestic violence cases. Not all cases are true, and it is crucial to have a qualified lawyer to help you prove the same. Here are a few solid reasons to hire a domestic violence lawyer.

Professional Court Representation- 

It is crucial to note that domestic violence cases are tricky and require a lot of experience from the lawyer. The best way to deal with this situation is to look for a firm with significant experience and success rate in their domestic violence cases. Professional court representation refers to the necessary understanding of the judicial system to put your case forward. They also help you by guiding you to the right path legally. 

Build Defence Case- 

Domestic violence defendants have a complex process lined up ahead. A criminal defence lawyer saves you from going through several court orders and managing everything at once. The lawyers ensure that the evidence collection process is supervised and there are no setbacks. Video surveillance, body cam, and 911 calls are all essential factors while collecting evidence that can have a significant proof for the case. Based on all the elements, you decide your defence strategy. 

Custodial Rights-

Most domestic violence cases also involve children and how badly it may have impacted them. The children often go through psychological tests to determine their emotional maturity and if the environment may have affected their progress or school life. As a defendant, your rights to visit your children or your rights to them can be taken away as an unfit parent. To avoid these circumstances, you need a domestic violence lawyer that understands the impact of losing visitation rights and fights for the same. 

Final Thoughts- 

Domestic violence charges in NSW need better understanding and guidance for both sides of the party. Choosing a good lawyer is essential in these cases and can help you prove your case. Researching the firm and looking into previous cases they have handled is vital to understand their working style. 

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