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Reasons to Collaborate With a Lighting Studio

When you add in the challenges of balancing safety, energy efficiency, superb light quality, and the latest lighting technology, it’s no surprise that employers, owners, and architects seek professional assistance in creating engaging visual experiences for their spaces. Furthermore, rising demands and multiple energy-saving regulations raise the need for integrated and thoughtful lighting control systems, which are frequently not included in the scope of one’s own designing capacities. Thus, It may be beneficial to collaborate with an in-house architectural lighting studio.

If you’ve still not considered the prospects of hiring one, here are the top five benefits of working with a firm that has an in-house lighting studio to ensure optimal comfort and productivity:

Convenience: Working with an in-house team eliminates the need to send multiple updates, texts and calls, emails, and other forms of communication to a third party. This streamlines the process and reduces the likelihood of errors or delays, which benefits both the customer and the designer. Another significant benefit is always contacting someone who can help you in a design emergency, making your life hassle-free.

All-in-One Solution: Working with a group of lighting professionals allows them to oversee the entire process from start to end. Everything from organising electricity to targeting and spotting unique lights from retail and art exhibits and everything in between is taken care of by a team of experts. In-house staff can assist in navigating the highly complicated requirements for lighting controls mandated by energy standards and the latest regulations and protocols. Evaluating lighting photometrics may assist in achieving all lighting efficiency criteria, provide high-quality illumination to prevent eye strain, and incorporate the proper fixture spacing.

Cost-effective: Who doesn’t want to save a few dollars now and then on lighting? Working with an in-house lighting team gives you the flexibility you need when making time-sensitive choices or rearranging timetables for your employees if it’s your office space. For projects with sustainability aims, for instance, an in-house team can share comprehensive calculations with the rest of the team, allowing energy models to be fine-tuned and mechanical systems to be appropriately scaled. The right size equipment may save money in terms of initial expenditures and operations-related costs. Moreover, you won’t be able to figure all this out on your own.

Room For Innovation & Ideas: Collaborating with an in-house team allows you to get to know them, their work, and their ideas. Building a connection with an excellent architectural lighting team ensures that nothing is lost along the way and that, over time, the final vision is a stunning manifestation of refreshing and suitable ideas. 

Add-On Services: Collaborating with an in-house team provides you with all of the necessary services for picking appropriate fixtures that are aesthetically and functionally appropriate. Moreover, they can also go above and beyond the fundamentals by providing bespoke service from engineering professionals. For example, they can give all of the photometrics necessary to assess lighting performance and efficiency. They can meet the criteria for daylighting and daylight gathering, or they may provide a comprehensive range of electrical engineering services.

Having an in-house lighting studio adds value to your space since it allows them to contribute much more for the same price and in a shorter time frame. So, when are you planning to hire one for your space?

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