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Product Promotional Videos: Features And How To Use Them

Product promotional videos: Did you know that video achieves around a 40% conversion rate? This means that it is the format that generates the most confidence among potential customers. Depending on the sector you work in, it will be easier and more advisable to create small illustrative videos of the products you sell.

Online users are more likely to watch a video of a product than to read a text description. In this way, it has the possibility to increase the conversion rate of the products considerably. They can be of many types, live-action or animated, but their main objective is always to show viewers how a particular product works.

Keep in mind that when a consumer has heard about one of the products on your website, but they are not fully convinced that the expense is worth it, they can always look for an explanatory video online. Something that will be even more relevant is if you upload your YouTube videos since it is the second most popular search engine on the Internet and the largest in the world in terms of search volume.

How to use promotional product videos in your company?

Have you already created promotional videos of products on your website? If you haven’t done it already, we highly recommend you do, as videos are a great way to engage consumers, a real boon to any content marketing strategy.

A promotional video is a video that shows the product as it is to potential customers. The objective is to highlight both its qualities and its advantages of it with the intention of solving any problem that the user has. The point is that this type of content is aimed at a particular audience. In fact, they are most effective when they are created with a specific audience in mind. Therefore, it is essential that we take into account the way in which consumers interact with videos when creating them.

The great advantage is that promotional product videos can be used in many ways. Unlike written content, a video is a stand-alone piece of content that can serve many different purposes.

Advantages of promotional product videos


One of the simplest ways to increase sales for a business is to take advantage of video to demonstrate products in a much clearer way. Those videos that show the products from different angles and with close-ups make the customer better understand what they are buying, thus increasing conversions.


Getting the CEO of the company to appear in the video is a great way to personalize a brand and connect on deeper levels with potential customers. Thanks to them, we can build trust and get along better with our target audience while they get to know the members of the company. Of course, the audience must feel that the CEO is authentic and genuine. He must be committed to the long-term strategy and must have communication skills, as well as be charismatic.


A good story can stir people’s emotions, and people often share the emotional content. But it is also a very interesting option to create a more powerful brand image.


We may also use our promotional videos to include testimonials and experiences from other users who have already purchased our products. When potential customers see real customers sharing their positive experiences, they feel more confident about buying a certain product. It is what in psychology is called “social proof,” which can be used as a weapon to influence consumers.


Some products are innovative, so showing people how to use them helps users better understand their value. These types of videos are very useful for teaching how to assemble something, how to use it, and the advantages it has. Features that are complex to display through text or static images. However, in a short video, we get the client to understand it better.


Interactive videos are a great way to stand out from your competition. Thanks to them, the purchase intention increases up to 9 times. Companies are increasingly aware of their effectiveness, so it is very likely that they will continue to gain popularity in the coming years.


People love to be entertained. This is why eCommerce videos get shared so much and are more likely to go viral. In addition, they can help publicize our company and increase sales. Of course, we must be very clear that these types of videos require creativity.

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