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From Barren to Barn- Decoding ideas to make your space look green

Many people fantasize about resting in a lush garden with a latte in one hand, and a magazine in the other. With new flats in cities and modest porches this ambition seemed virtually unachievable. Environmentalist, Kushal Dev Rathi, is on a mission to make this land a happy place, and in his quest, to make this happen, he always comes up with unique ways to be surrounded by nature. Fortunately, using the ideas in this post, you may still create your landscape, even on a little balcony

  • If the epidemic has taught us something, it is the need of interacting with nature. A trendy veranda garden is ideal for this little connectivity. For pastimes, add a nice seat to your balcony. You may sit here and breathe in the fresh air while surrounded by nature. Choose basic ornamental plants for a modern balcony, or go for a wild and distinctive balcony with numerous plants. To complement the natural concept, choose a seat constructed of wood.
  • Simply because you have a tiny balcony does not preclude you from designing a unique garden. Create a trendy balcony garden that saves floor space by including a cover for the plants to remain and thrive under. Bamboo sticks horizontally put between PVC pipes might be used to make the roof.
  • If your balcony is quite close to the balcony of your neighbour, you can safeguard your solitude by employing tall plants. The plant curtain provides seclusion while also being staggeringly pleasing. Plants such as rough horsetails or bamboo can be used to line the edge of the balcony. With this trendy balcony garden idea, you may enjoy a beautiful green view from the comfort of your own home. The balcony will truly embrace the landscape, including stones and gravel on the floor for a finished effect.
  • Greenery may be used to decorate your veranda. Get both blossoming and non-flowering flora to provide a diversity of hues to your trendy balcony nursery. Plants should be placed on the ground, planters should be hung on the wall, and a few plants should be placed along the railing. The collection of luscious green plants will add opulence to your modest balcony. Herbs should be placed throughout the garden to provide a nice odour. With this lovely idea, your balcony will be a focal point in your neighbourhood, and also will make your barren space look modest. 
  • Another concept for your little balcony garden is to build a living wall. A growing screen will add beauty and foliage to your landscape without taking up any floor area. Tall-living plants with shallow roots can be grown on a green wall; for the greatest look, utilize long, viny plants such as ferns and ivy. However, don’t restrict your thoughts to only these plants. Beautiful blooming plants, foliage, and food plants may all be cultivated in the living wall concept.

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