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Important Points To Remember While Taking Chemistry In Class 11

Selecting a stream after class 10 is a vital decision in student life. Science can be selected as a stream in which chemistry is an important subject as it is a gateway to a varied career. Now the question arises in the mind of students- How to be a master in chemistry? How to increase your knowledge in chemistry? Which book to follow while learning chemistry? These questions always haunt the students. Chemistry has both the organic and this inorganic topic. If the organic section looks important then the inorganic part seems less. Thus, it is equally important to focus and maintain a balance between the two. Thus for a better and concise understanding, the first most popular book the students follow is the NCERT book for class 11th chemistry chapter. It helps them secure better marks in their examination while creating a foundation.

Now let us highlight the factors which are necessary to follow while learning chemistry in class 11:

  • Need for preparing questions beforehand: –

It is a well-known method, applied by the students to make notes while studying a part or a section. It helps them create a strong base, and the notes can be used as a quick reference or as study material. After this, the students must jot down the probable questions & answers one after another that will help them to increase their knowledge exponentially. Additionally, the students can explore typical problems at the end of the NCERT chemistry books to check their expertise. With this practice, the students can not only check their capabilities but also start preparations for their respective examinations with ease. It has to be clear that only after squeezing the knowledge and practicing the skills one will excel in their exams. Dealing with NCERT assessment problems, one can not only gauge their depth of knowledge in this subject but also overcome their fear of chemistry, making clear their understanding of the subject. Finally, after completing the assessments the students can move to other reference books and practice sets to gain additional knowledge about the chapters to have a further clear understanding and their standpoint.

  • Keeping records of chemical formulas and chemical reactions: –

You all know that chemistry is all about reactions and formulas. Thus, it is important to learn and understand the basis on which the chemical formulas and reactions take place and if you can master these theories then it is very beneficial for your upcoming examinations. Hence it will be a good idea to write down the chemical equations separately part by part in a notebook or reference copy. It could be used as a guide if you are learning these theories and reactions before your exams for your benefit and assessment. Now the only question that rises is- Which textbook is to follow to write down the equations and formulas? Here the most suitable answer will again be the NCERT textbook for chemistry. It has all the important chemical equations and the theories supporting it which will help you to understand and perform better in your examination.

  • Advantages of handwritten observation: –

It often comes to mind what is the necessity or importance of writing down the chemical formulas and equations from the textbook instead of just reading through the textbook. Here the answer is very simple, it will be helpful to quickly revise the important formulas and equations. During exams you often conduct revisions. If we go through the notes we have written down instead of reading the book, it can be easy to get the chief chemical equation which will save time. The students should create a notebook by going through the NCERT chemistry book chapters and memorizing them efficiently. It will help to remember the answers during the examination. It has been proved with the scientific explanation that if a person rights something he knows, he can remember it easily which is not possible while only reading.

  • To start reading as earliest possible: –

You are advised to start reading early as it can help you to understand things earlier and prevent you from coming to an incorrect conclusion. The students should go through the chapters that are thought in the classes daily or regularly. This will help you to clearly understand things and will help you to raise questions if there is a doubt regarding the topic at an early phase. There is one thing that needs to be kept in mind studying does not mean reading the lines in the chapter, it means going through the lines and understanding the basic concepts and the fundamentals to understand their significance.


It is advisable that NCERT class 11 chemistry book, must be followed at an early stage. It can help the students to have a concrete foundation. Moreover, students can get further assistance from external sources like online studying websites like Infinity Learn. It will help the students to secure good marks in the examination.

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