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How to pick the perfect phone case for a girl?

Phone cases are the must-have accessories in day-to-day life as such they change the overall look of the phone while protecting them from one of the most brutal falls and other mishaps. That being said, the demand for a phone case is never-ending as new phones come now and then. To satisfy the needs of phone cases for girls as well as for boys is quite a job.

The market is filled with various phone cases and the owners have a wide range of cases to choose from. In this era, there are phone cases for everyone. In this article, we will be talking about some of the best phone cases that are available on the market for girls.

How to pick the perfect phone case for a girl:

  1. Silicon phone case:

Silicon phone cases are very lightweight and flexible in nature. One of the most liked features of the silicon phone case is that it comes in various colors and textures. These silicon cases are made with the help of TPU material, due to this material the phone case feels very soft while providing a very good grip. Apart from these, the silicone layer phone cases fit the smartphone perfectly and protect it from getting damaged.

  1. Rainbow colored silicone case:

Rainbow-colored silicon cases are one of the most liked phone cases by girls. These silicon cases are known for their perfect fits while providing the utmost protection to your mobile phone. The build quality of these phone cases is very good and provides a very good grip on the owner’s hand.

  1. Various shapes and sizes of silicone cases:

The market is filled with phone cases that come in various shapes and sizes for girls, for instance, cute chubby Panda-shaped case, lovely fortune cat soft phone case, and many other cartoons shaped phone cases. These cases are bulky in nature and protect the phone from every side due to its shape and size.

The girls who prefer these types of phone cases are usually jolly in nature and light-hearted.

  1. Glitter cases:

These glitter cases come in two types: the first being solid and the second one being liquid. Many believe that the liquid glitter phone case is risky to own as the glitter liquid inside the phone case will leak and damage the hardware of the phone which is in some sense true. Although the case that holds liquid glitter doesn’t break easily after falling the chances of breaking are never zero.

Therefore one must opt for solid glitter phone cases such that they not only look cute but also add funkiness to the phone’s appearance while protecting the phone from getting damaged from falls.

  1. DIY phone cases:

Now, this type of phone case is not restricted to the traditional shape and size as such these cases are made under DIY projects. These DIY phone cases can be made with silicon phone cases, old damaged phone cases, fabric-based phone cases, and many more. The limitation of these phone cases is limited to that of the creator’s imagination that’s why it is called DIY phone cases also known as Do It Yourself phone cases


The above-mentioned are some of the top picks that girls prefer to own for their smartphones, these phone cases are fancy and unique in nature. But one should not consider that due to their fancy styling these phone cases will not be able to protect the phone as such they provide protection just like any other phone cases on market.


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