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How to make custom coffee boxes look as good as they smell


Well, coffee is something that everyone would prefer to feel relaxed after a tiring day. People look for the perfect sip of coffee. Coffee is like an addiction but it also offers health advantages as well. As coffee sales are getting increased day by day and the packaging of coffee also plays an important role in this. There is a large competition going on in the market, to promote their brand and products in the industry. Custom coffee boxes will help customers find out their perfect preferences and brands through packaging. Coffee started with just single beans to pre-ground powders, packaging of coffee started changing too.

There were days when the coffee packaging was just considered simple wrapping but now it’s all about creative and unique packaging though. Now the customization for packaging is changed now we have plenty of options though. We can use different kinds of printing and artworks on our wrapping.

In this article, you will get different options for your coffee packaging, and you will get the ideas to make custom coffee boxes look unique and aesthetic:

  • Coffee Boxes Customization Options

Coffee boxes come with a variety of customization possibilities. The four categories into which we can divide them are as follows:

Finishing Coat, Packaging Styles, Custom Prints and Add-Ons. 

  1. Coffee Boxes with Custom Prints:

If you will go for custom boxes and add your styles to them, it will already be special. In this packaging, we can use custom printed coffee boxes and it includes different types of printing as well. There is full-color printing in which we can use different color schemes and there is just one color printing in which we can use one tone of color to represent the packaging. 

Not about just printing matter in coffee boxes but also the material that we are using in the boxes matters too. Printing like these requires a strong and durable material for their packaging. 

  1. Add-Ons for Coffee Boxes:

An add-on is a minor feature or piece that you may include in your box to make it seem and feel more professional. Instead of using plain cardboard on the top of the box, you may use a different material. This will give it a more luxurious and sophisticated appearance.

The following are some of the most common custom coffee packaging add-ons:

Window Patching, Embossing, Debossing, Spot UV, Hot Stamping. 

  • Embossing:

Embossing gives the paperboard an added layer of relief. As a result, you have 3D personalized coffee packaging boxes.

  • Debossing:

Debossing, on the other hand, generates a relief impression that is the polar opposite of embossing. It leaves a mark on the surface while also creating a hole in it. The advantage of debossed boxes is that they are affordable and readily available.

  • UV spotting:

Spot UV is a painting technique that can be used to draw attention to specific parts of the text on a product. It comes with an additional setup price, but it gives your design a beautiful gloss. This printing technique is great for logos and other pictures that need to stand out.

  • Stamping with a hot iron

Hot stamping is a style of stamping in which the foil melts and is pressed onto the surface. It creates high-quality final items with a pleasing polish and texture. This printing approach is ideal for premium designs, one-of-a-kind product packaging, and brand embossing.

  • Patching Windows

Window patching, as the name implies, adds a custom window cutout to the box. This is accomplished by inserting extra paperboard or other material into the production run. Clients will be able to view exactly what they are purchasing before making a purchase. 

  1. Final finishing: 

Custom coffee packaging can be made with a variety of finishing finishes. Among the jackets are:

Soft-Touch, Matte, Gloss Varnish

Let’s go over each finish in greater depth now.

  • Finish: Matte

A matte finish is a non-shiny, light-reflective appearance. It can be utilized to lend a more vintage and rustic appearance to coffee custom boxes.

  • Finish: Glossy

The gloss finish is the polar opposite of the matte finish. It gives the packaging a gleaming appearance. As a result, it’s ideal for emphasizing logos or any other design feature you want to draw attention to.

  • Varnish is a type of finish that is applied to a

The appearance of a veneer finish is comparable to that of a gloss finish, but it is more elegant and expensive. It can also be used to add a classy finishing touch to high-quality custom printed coffee boxes.

  • Soft-Touch Surface

A soft-touch coating on your coffee boxes wholesale adds comfort and smoothness to the touch. It offers the package an upscale appearance, which is ideal for high-end brands that prioritize aesthetics over cost.

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