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How to Keep Your Home Safe in Heavy Rainfall?

Heavy rainfall and flooding can cause great damage to your home if you don’t take certain preventive measures. From residential rain gutter installation to investing in an emergency kit, there’s a lot you can do to protect your home during heavy rainfall. If your home is located in a rainfall-prone region, maybe it’s time to make a few changes in your home and make it rainfall-proof. Here are a few smart tips to keep your home safe and sound when the rain strikes. 

1. Get Your Roof and Chimneys Inspected

Get your roof and chimneys inspected by professionals regularly to avoid any big repairs later. Look for leaks and cracks that can provide a way for rainwater to seep through. Hiring a professional will help you seal them properly and keep your home safe and sound during heavy rainfall. 

2. Invest in a Sump Pump

If you haven’t already, invest in a sump pump. It’s a pump that is used to keep the water from the interior of the home to the exterior into drainage. It is installed in the basement of the house and helps to safeguard the foundation of the house. Make sure you have a  battery backup system for the sump pump to make it functional even if there are electrical power failures. 

3. Seal Your doors and Windows 

Sealing your doors and windows will help you prevent rainwater from dripping on the floors and ruining your furniture. In addition, sealing your doors and windows will help you keep the energy bills down as there would be no air leaks. Moreover, if the seal around windows and doors gets compromised reseal them with caulk.

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4. Be Prepared for an Emergency Situation 

Heavy rainfalls can often lead to an emergency situation where there can be flooding and power outages. It’s important to prepare yourself for both. Try to keep an emergency kit that can include all the essential items such as snacks, flashlights, batteries, medicines, etc. Similarly, charge your phones and laptops in advance to avoid dead batteries in power outages. 

5. Unplug all the Electronic Devices

During heavy rainfall do not forget to unplug all the electronic devices in your home. In heavy rainfall, there is voltage fluctuation that can damage your devices and cause additional financial strain. Always keep your electronic appliances unplugged in the rainy season. In addition, try not to touch electrical wires with bare hands in heavy rainfall, as it can be dangerous. 

6. Keep Your Gutters Clean

Inspect your gutters and see if they need to be cleaned or not before the rain strikes. If you find debris and leaves in it, it’s time you call professional gutter cleaners to ensure proper cleaning of the gutter. This will help with the overflowing of water when heavy rainfall hits your area. 

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The Bottom Line 

Hence, you can make your home rainfall-proof by taking the above-mentioned measures. It will keep you and your home safe from heavy rainfalls.

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