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How to Clear UPSC Cut off For Prelims?

You often hear someone cleared their UPSC exam on the first attempt. As an aspirant, you must think about the steps they are following and what you are missing. In this blog, we will tell you to step by step processes and tricks to clear UPSC Cut Off for prelims in the most efficient way. Before this, you should know about the factors that are responsible for deciding the cut-off for the preliminary exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission Annually. The total number of vacancies in a particular category and several aspirants are two major things that are considered in deciding the minimum qualifying marks for IAS Prelims Exam.

Steps to Get UPSC Cut off Score

The Prelims exam is the first step to becoming an IAS officer. This exam is mandatory to qualify for every aspirant. Undoubtedly, the UPSC Mains Exam is much more demanding and tough than prelims, but no preparation for this exam can destroy your dream of being a civil servant. Here are the tips you need to follow to conquer the first exam, which is UPSC Prelims Exam.

  • Focus on Current Affairs –  In a study, it is found that in recent years more than 20 to 30 questions have been asked from the current affairs section. It is advised that those aspirants who are preparing to appear in this year exam take help from Current Affairs 2022. 20 to 30 questions are not a small number that any aspirant can ignore.

Apart from the prelims exam, current affairs knowledge helps candidates to write answers in the UPSC mains exam with multidimensional thought. There, candidates need to write at least 300 words answers.

  • Cover The Entire Syllabus – It is always advised that you start your preparation early and cover the whole syllabus. There is no fixed pattern or set of important topics fixed for the exam, this is the main reason behind it. For the safe side, study every possible topic when you have time. Do not ignore any topic. Better Time management skill will help you here.
  • Avoid New Topics When You Have Less Time – This is the biggest mistake an aspirant can make while preparing for UPSC Prelims. If you have only one month left for the exam, do not start a new topic. Focus on revision.
  • Take CSAT seriously – Civil Services Aptitude Test can not be ignored comparing other topics of the syllabus. To better prepare for the CSAT exam, aspirants should refer to the previous year’s papers. It tests your logical thinking and skills.
  • Mock Tests are Key To Success – You have covered the entire syllabus now; it’s time to do an evaluation of your preparation. Attempt mock tests online or offline to test your knowledge. Keep in mind attempting too many mock tests will impact you negatively. That’s why, try to attempt mock questions weekly.
  • Revision – You have created your notes in your own language. Now, you have time to do revision. Self-created notes take less time to understand the topics. Mentors advise that those notes have data and figures and should be revised multiple times to avoid any mistakes in the exam.

Based on experienced teachers’ and ex topper’s views, these are the pro tip and steps to be followed by every IAS exam aspirant to clear the exam.

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