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How Software Helps Gym Business Other Than Access Control?

The features of the software encourage the gym owners to have their hands on it. Gaining complete access to the system is one reason. In addition to it, having all your business in, literally, your hand can help you in many ways.

Following are some of the features including access control are discussed to help you understand the need for gym software:

1.   Access Control:

If an anonymous person enters your gym and steals something pretending a customer, you wouldn’t know. To avoid this from happening it is essential to have a proper security system for your gym. If following the modern trends, a gym access control system has many other benefits too.

Prioritizing the people who can enter the gym gives you complete access to know the individuals in your gym anytime. The owner can easily set who to give access to. using this system will make your gym more secure than ever. This is only due to having access control in your hands.

2.   Contactless Entry:

Due to the evolving trends in technology, everyone is concerned about how touch-free attendance would work. This feature increases the security of the gym’s confidentiality and the gym. The entry system also works for the staff of the gym. The mobile application of the software allows them to access the gym system to mark their attendance.

This decreases the human contact with each other and with the fingerprint device at the entrance. After the times like covid-19 people prefers to keep social distancing. This can be one reason for the increasing demand for this software feature in the market.

This reduces the staff required to mark attendance or guard the entrance gate. The touchless entrances also update the quota of leaves you took, automatically. This helps the owner and other staff know the sincerity of staff to the business.

3.    No Internet; No Issue

If a person doesn’t have internet access to use the mobile application to mark their attendance, that is no problem. Because most of the software allows offline access to their clients, customers, and especially members. The same is for the staff of the gym. Not having internet will never be a problem for you to skip your leg day.

These software systems use cloud technology to store their client’s information on the servers of the software. Most of the gyms use Bluetooth and NFC services to support short-range connectivity too. The door readers have the access to check the payment schedules of the individual to permit them to enter the gym.

4.   Mobile Compatibility:

The integration of software with the gym system is one thing and having mobile compatibility is another. Your business takes much larger steps at once when it becomes mobile compatible. For instance,

·       24/7 Access:

The software access to the mobiles allows the customers to book a service anytime. It is also easy for them to pay through the application. Only these features can be the reason to attract a rush of new customers to the gym. Customers want facilities, and if you are confident to provide them, they are all yours.

·       Time Saver:

The mobile compatibility of the software reduces tension and stress for clients with tough schedules. They are the most loyal clients. They do not turn to someone else when difficulty in arranging an appointment. These clients will wait and make things work but will not go to other service providers.

This is why having an option to book online spares them an unnecessary visit to the gym. It saves their time and also effort to drive after a hectic day at the job. The use of software provides the facility of time-saving and is beneficial for both; clients and staff.

5.   Easy Payment Ways:

The software allows the owner to set up a frictionless method for customers to pay for the services. The former methods used to pay online were usually through another application. And the procedure to complete the booking was a bit complex for some clients.

This is why the in-built payment gateway is much preferred over the previous cash option. It is less complex and doesn’t require jumping through applications to book a spot in a class. The client can just select the service, the trainer, timeslot, and payment method all from one application.

6.   Improved Customer Retention:

The customers are one big asset of the gym business. They are the building blocks of the building of your fitness health business. This makes them an important aspect to handle. In a business like a gym, it is important to keep your client engaged otherwise, you would lose them.

Customers can sometimes be in the mood and a little inconvenience concerning your gym can upset them. And often there is no coming back from that. However, if you, as a gym owner, manage to optimize your customer’s needs, you can have an increment in your customer retention.

7.   Membership Management:

It is easy to manage your member’s information online because using traditional methods might not be efficient. The human mind is hardly capable of making sense of complex integration. It cannot bear organizing every information of each individual of the gym in a disciplined manner.

Also, the software allows the feature of search if you need information about a specific client or service. It is much better than the warehouse of gyms containing stacks and boxes of files of members. And you have to search through many boxes to find the required one. Here, the software has made it a few clicks away job.

The software does the job without any sweat drops. All the information of the member can be seen on a single screen. If you don’t find some specific information that might be because only the admin staff have access to that part. This ensures the security of the client’s confidential information, once more.


The software promises the privacy of each individual and also keeps growing your revenue side by side. The easier access for the gym individuals is, the harder it would be for the burglars. The gym members won’t feel insecure with gym access control features of software like Wellyx.

Along with features other than access control, the software provides you with the reasons to join the trend of gym software for your health business.

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