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Hairdo Away with Frizz thanks to Hair Extensions

The humidity in Australia can ruin even your best hair day. To get you through the melancholy, hair extensions might be the solution. 

Hair extensions combine quality with price to give your hair a makeover! You don’t have to worry about the cocktail party or that celebrity hairdo your friends talk about – you can get it too!

Everyone has a type for everything, and the same applies to hair extensions. You can choose one based on your preferences and add that extra jazz to your hairstyle. Further, if you deal with hair products often or are thinking about starting a hair salon and looking around for wholesale hair extensions, keep reading!

1. Permanent Hair Extensions

If you want to change your hair density and volume but don’t wish to go through the daily struggle of attaching and removing the hair extension clippings, you can go for permanent ones. These come in the following varieties:

  1. Hot fusion – Small strands of artificial hair are attached to your scalp carefully using a  special glue. 

The keratin bond is hardened, and the glue is melted using a special extension iron. This procedure is carried out under extreme heat of 200-220 degrees Celsius, and a special shield is used to protect the head.

2. Cold fusion – Micro–link is the most popular type of cold fusion, where tiny amounts of natural hair are pulled through the links, and extensions are connected. The link is then clamped close to create a strong bond.

3. Tape-in – In this procedure, pre-taped strands are infused with medical-grade adhesives. They are generally attached in a sandwich method where one weft of natural hair goes between the tap and the bottom. tape-ins

4. Sew-in – In this method, a weft of hair is sewn into the natural hair over a row of braids. It usually comes in two variations. There is a machine weft, famous for providing density and volume; the other is a hand-tied weft, which is thinner and more delicate.

2. Temporary Hair Extensions

If you want gorgeous and glamorous hair for certain special occasions and don’t want a permanent look, then temporary extensions might be the answer.

  1. Clip-ins – These are the most favourable option for those who need a quick turnaround of their hair to get a flashy new look for a special occasion.

Attach it to your natural hair and tie the base with tiny clips attached to the strands. They come in pairs of two, and you can get more at a wholesale hair extensions store to go with your length and density. 

2. Ponytails – Ponytails are back in fashion, screaming everything retro. These extensions usually come in a thick and long ponytail. A pro tip is to use a silk scrunchie to hide the point your natural hair merges with the extensions.

3. Halo Hair – They are like clip-on extensions, except for how they are attached. They are bound to your head using a nylon custom wire. 

Some prefer halo hair extensions for the strong attachment it provides. However, before getting this kind of extension, you must ensure you get the size that fits your head perfectly.

Time for you to Bounce back! 

If you are bored with your hair and the constant frizz is bothering you, get yourself some hair extensions! It is never too late for a much–needed change, and hair extensions are here to satisfy all your needs.

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