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Good Ol’ Christmas Cheer: Choosing Festive Nurse Scrubs The Right Way

Are you tired of seeing your facility’s medical personnel walk around in dreary surgical greens? Well, there is a way to remedy that. How so? It’s simple. You place an order for some colourful nurse Christmas scrubs.

Don’t go rolling your eyes just yet. These uniforms aren’t only for you or your staff. They are for your patients as well. After all, how many of them enjoy staring at white-washed walls and drab outfits?

So, pack in your assumptions for now and let’s figure out the best way to spread some of that looming Christmas cheer!

Picking a not-so-typical outfit

The Australian market for medical equipment manufacturing holds a value of $5.1 billion. Considering the scope of that valuation, it’s surprising that people still have difficulty placing scrubs under this area. Yes! These outfits, quirky as they may be, still qualify as surgical gear!

The only thing that differentiates such clinical wear from conventional medical paraphernalia is that the selection parameters are slightly more frivolous. In short, you aren’t dealing with life or death here, just colour schemes and fits:

  • One size only fits a few

Clothing size has always been a contentious topic regarding surgical wear. Some medical professionals prefer a looser fit, while others like the uniform to be snug.

The only thing you should consider, however, is wearer comfort. That doesn’t mean you place an order exclusively for XXL scrub tops. Instead, try to strike a balance between functionality and overall fit.

Remember, you and your staff must carry out your daily responsibilities in these outfits. So, there’s no point in focusing solely on the aesthetic side of scrubs.

  • No conventional festive colours

There’s a fascination with dark green when it comes to Christmas wear. Now, it’s understandable as to why that is. Decades of reinforcement leave little desire for people to break away from traditional styles. Well, at least in the context of nurse Christmas scrubs.

You, though, need to avoid this. Think about it. Will a dull or dark green catch someone’s eye? Of course, not! So, it’s best if you pick something novel. A lighter red or navy-blue colour scheme works perfectly well here. And, since these scrubs usually come with printed designs, you can be sure that the colours won’t look monotonous.

  • Being bulky goes a long way.

To be very blunt, you wouldn’t want to spend a significant portion of your facility’s budget on these outfits each year. Don’t worry; no one’s giving you the side-eye. You are entirely justified to feel that way. After all, resources must be left over to purchase essential medical equipment.

A simple tip is to place a bulk order when buying these kinds of scrubs. And fortunately, unlike other purchases, most vendors will be more than happy to oblige you with a well-deserved discount in such cases.

Even better, since the fabric used to manufacture these uniforms is of better quality, they can deal with prolonged usage. In short, you and your staff can continue to wear these uniforms throughout the year. It doesn’t matter if Christmas is long past gone.

The others matter

While it’s not immediately apparent, you must consider your reception and lounge personnel when placing an order for nurse Christmas scrubs. It wouldn’t reflect well on your sensibilities if the medical staff walked around in bright, cheery colours while a few others had to make do with bland uniforms.

If you’re still not convinced, think about the cliched tale of a particular reindeer. Red-nosed and lonely. That doesn’t strike the right chord.

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