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Facts You Need To Know About Hand Sanitizer Labels

In this present state of time, when the deadly virus of corona has spread all over the world, there are different precautionary measures which people follow to safeguard themselves from the virus. They wear masks frequently wash their hands, and most importantly, they use hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizers have gained much popularity and importance since the advent of corona virus. Hand sanitizers are not an alternative for soap but can be used when one cannot wash hands. Many companies have earned much profit by selling their hand sanitizers in past few years. Companies use custom hand sanitizer labels on plastic labels which they like. Let us discuss briefly about labels for hand sanitizer bottles.

Labels for Hand Sanitizer Bottles

Different Companies use different labels for their hand sanitizer bottles. These labels play an important role in marketing. Standard brands such as Dettol and many others have their own standard labels with their company logo. Basically, a label provides information about a product. There are different options available for labels of different products. Companies now a  days prefer to use custom hand sanitizer labels.

Custom hand sanitizer labels are different labels which companies use to make their products different and unique. Due to increasing demand of hand sanitizers, many companies order labels for their hand sanitizers in bulk quantity. These labels differ in size, shapes, colors, and printing. These labels are for bottles of different sizes that can be big, medium, or small. There are mini hand sanitizer labels which attract customers because of their unique size and shape. These mini hand sanitizers labels are designed for very small bottles which are of pocket-size. There are many online websites which provide hand sanitizer labels printing. There are a few requirements which are necessary for hand sanitizer label printing.

Requirements for Labels printing

Following are the requirements which must be followed according to FDA guidelines. There are parts of labels according to FDA which contain separate information about product. First part is principal display panel which faces outward. It must include the following details:

  • There must be a statement of identity which tells what the product does.
  • Volume of the product must be there.
  • National Drug Code must be on the label.

Second part is Drug Facts Panel for hand sanitizers label which have the following information:

  • It displays active ingredient or alcohol percentage.
  • It mentions the product’s purpose.
  • Product warnings which tells people should take which precautions to handle the product safely.
  • It should direct about dosage and usage.
  • It should explain how and in what conditions should the product be stored
  • Mention inactive ingredients.
  • It also includes the name and address of manufacturer.

Hand Sanitizer Label Printing

Different sellers have different printing techniques for hand sanitizers labels. Usually when the labels are needed in less quantity, they have digital print. But if bulk quantity of labels is required, they can be printed with flexographic technique

Purpose of Hand Sanitizer Labels

Let us discuss why do we need custom hand sanitizer labels and what are its purposes.

  • Hand sanitizer labels differentiate sanitizers of different companies. There are many hand sanitizer companies in market. If you want to differentiate your product, you can customize the label in a beautiful and eye-catching style.
  • These labels attract the attention of customers through their vibrant colors and shapes
  • These labels are a great marketing tool because they have company’s logo printed on them
  • Their quality creates a positive image of the company in the mind of customer.

How to make a good custom hand sanitizer label:

Although, hand sanitizers are best for companies themselves but there are some guidelines which can be followed to make good labels.

  • You can use designs which raise the feeling of cleanliness and safety
  • Usually blue and green colors are best because they denote safety and peace.
  • Printing must be very clean and clear so that customers can easily read the name and purpose of product.
  • Good quality sticking material should be on the label must not come off.
  • “Question?” section can be included as it is a good practice to let customers give their feedback or clear their doubts.

To conclude, hand sanitizers have become a necessity due to raising number of COVID patients. These sanitizers are according to their companies. These labels are perfect for marketing of companies as their quality and finishing leaves an impact on customer’s mind about their company.  A product’s label allows customers to see what’s in their food or product. It’s easy to see on labels for sanitizer bottles that the ingredient “may contain” is there so people who are allergic can avoid it. Allergy sufferers will find important information on labels. Labels should contain information that is not only important for people with allergies, but also other important health risks. Labels for cigarettes, chewing tobacco, and alcohol beverages must include health warnings. Warnings about poisonous or dangerous products should also be clearly visible.

Instructions on your label

The instructions for how to use the product, especially when it comes to cleaning products, cosmetics and medicines, should be included on the secondary or prime label. Incorrectly or excessively using a product can lead to serious consequences. It is important that the consumer knows how to properly use the product. The product’s label are best to market it. Brightly colored labels may attract consumers and lead to them purchasing the product. A unique label can help a customer choose your product from the rest. With today’s technology, labels are for cross-brand marketing, couponing and sweepstakes.  Not only does it provide important information and instructions for consumers, but labeling your sanitizers can help you stand out. According to 85% of shoppers, reading the packaging can help them make a decision about whether or not they want to purchase a product.

When it comes to packaging and product marketing, prime labels and secondary labels are crucial. Primitive labels are what customers first see. These labels often have high-quality images and vivid colors in order to grab customers’ attention and enhance their appeal. Supplemental labels can also be on secondary labels. Custom hand sanitizer labels are often on the back of products and include important information. It doesn’t matter if you are designing a primary label or a secondary label. The information they contain matters.

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