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Everything You Need to Know About Birthday Flowers

Making the Event a Memorable One

The thing to remember about birthdays is, there’s no “one-size-fits-all” method of decorating for them. Certainly, there are archetypal tropes. Cakes, balloons, presents, flowers, guests, funny little pointed hats, multi-colored plates with frosting in hues impossible to imagine a hundred years ago; these are all things we traditionally associate with birthdays.

That said, some birthdays consist of a “night in” with a favorite album and the peace that accompanies it. Others involve trips across the world. Really, as far as holidays go, there’s nothing closer to a “blank canvas” than a birthday. The only real guiding principle is, the guest of honor is the one for whom the birthday is intended.

Accordingly, you want to respect their preferences. In this writing, we’re going to look at options in flower décor to fit a given celebration. If you need a little help determining how best to put together a birthday surprise, the link has some key suggestions on flower arrangements. We’ll explore a few additional ideas here.

  1. Colors That Fit the Birthday Guest’s Tastes
    First, you want to find flowers that match the tastes of your birthday guest. If they love red, don’t get them endless violets, bring some roses or poinsettias, or carnations to the table. If they like orange, find orange tulips perhaps.

There are a lot of ways to go about this, from one bouquet in the center of a table to garlands wreathing a room. Here are the most common flower colors.

  1. Be Sure to Avoid Any Allergen-Rich Blooms
    Some people are very sensitive to certain flowers owing to their allergies. Here’s a list of flowers that are commonly known to stimulate allergic reaction.

To err on the side of caution, avoid these flowers. That said, some people may have no allergies to the flowers in the link, but certain common blooms send them into a sneezing fit. Know if this will be an issue in advance.

  1. Guest of Honor Temperament and Budget Determine Quantity
    Except for a minimum of U.S. residents, huge floral arrangements won’t be affordable. You’ll be buying based on your budget. However, the temperament of your guest is also a factor.

    If they don’t really like flowers, you might not buy any at all. If they’re indifferent, you might want to get a few bouquets just to spice up the festivities. If they love flowers and you’ve got resources, have fun!
  2. Definitely Acquire Sought Floral Arrangements in Advance
    Last but not least, don’t wait until the day of the event to get flowers. Do a little research in advance, pick out the best flowers, and either buy them ahead of time or arrange to have them delivered prior to the actual party on the day of the event.

Floral Arrangements

The Right Birthday Flowers For Your Upcoming Celebration
Get the right flowers in advance, use budget and guest temperament to determine the quantity, avoid allergen-rich blooms, and find flowers in the right colors. These tips are a strong foundation to help you most effectively decorate for an upcoming birthday.

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