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Emotional cheating

Cheating does not have to strictly be about violating the physical bounds, having clandestine meetings, shady motels, dating other people. There are different ways that cheating can occur in a romantic partnership, and every type of cheating threatens the integrity and the foundations of the relationship. 

One such type of cheating that is not about physical contact but is about an equally intimate emotional contact. 

The impact of emotional cheating is also very disastrous. It may lead to the complete collapse of the relationship and threaten the partner’s wellbeing. This may cause them severe mental anguish that might morph into more dangerous mental health problems, meriting a visit to your Psychiatrist in Lahore then.  

But what is emotional cheating?

In emotional cheating, a person shares their most personal and intimate thoughts with a person other than their partner. Instead of using their partner’s emotional support, and confiding in their partner, they emotionally invest in another person. 

Even though most people think of it as a platonic relationship, however, that is just their way of putting a better spin to it, as intimacy is not just baring your body, but about your soul as well.

 Moreover, a hallmark of emotional cheating is the clandestine nature of the conversation. They do not talk about the partner being cheated upon; the messages are often written sneakily. The whiff of it being a forbidden relationship is apparent to both the parties, which therefore, makes it a form of cheating. 

Emotional cheating is also often considered as a segue into physical cheating as well. Hence, it is important to know the signs of emotional cheating and determine the fate of the relationship accordingly. 

Signs of emotional cheating 

Some tell-tale signs that your partner is emotionally cheating on you include:

Decreased desire 

Even though emotional cheating may not involve physical cheating, but desire levels might still start to lull. Having sex is not just about physical needs, but an important component about desiring your partner is the emotional connection that you have. When this connection is amiss, then your sex life is also bound to suffer. 


They are evasive about their level of candor with their friend that they are emotionally cheating with. Since at some level they also know that what they are doing is wrong, therefore, they are secretive about their friendship. They also tend to become defensive when asked about that friend, and some even try playing it cool, as if there is nothing to tell. 

Furthermore, their evasiveness also extends to them hiding their devices so that their communication with their friend is not disclosed. 


Whenever you ask your partner about something seemingly private, or request for their time, they tend to become irritated with your questions. Moreover, since they are already emotionally invested with another person, they are less inclined to be nicer to you. 

Not requiring your support 

When suddenly, your partner does not need your support or comfort, that is very likely because they are getting it from somewhere else. 


Naturally, when your partner is having their emotional needs met, they need less of your time. They are also less likely to talk about their private stuff, as in their friend, they have found the confidant that they needed. 

If not resolved 

Cheating of any form has a detrimental impact on both the stakeholders, but the person being cuckolded suffers disproportionately, especially when they are caught unaware. 

Cheating threatens not only the marriage or the partnership but it also wreaks havoc on the mental health as well, often meriting help from your Psychiatrist in Karachi as well. Hence, if you catch these signs of cheating in your partner, it is important that you get to the bottom of it. If you think you are emotionally cheating with your partner, then it is high time that you own up to the problem and mend it. 

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