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Does wellness rooms increase employees wellbeing

Employees who tend to work from home or are doing hybrid working. Find it difficult to start working from offices with high motivation and satisfaction levels. After pandemic employees find themselves unhappy while working from offices. This might be due to the comfort level they were having in their homes while working in the pandemic. 

Due to this many companies started to add new space for employees and working mothers. Companies have initiated  wellness rooms which may include variation for example yoga rooms, exercise room, nursing rooms, games space and many more. 

If you are the one looking for new and creative ways to enhance your employees motivation level then we are here for you. Following below we have discussed details about creating welcoming and productive wellness rooms.

There are many ways to design a productive wellness room. Things that you can consider include lighting, floor designing, wall painting or some luxuries. In old days cafe areas or break rooms were considered a space for employees to relax. But now designs and styles of rooms have changed. Designs including an open space area with more greenery and comfortable couches is all you need. 

Now companies are looking for smart yet productive ways to enhance your employees motivation level and contentment. Today it is essential to design a wellness room while planning your office layout. As this enhances employees capability while they feel relaxed in working routines. 

There are many types of wellness rooms. In which you design different themes and styles. The basic purpose of this room is to offer a space for relaxation where employees can work and can reduce stress level. 

Following are some of the basic wellness rooms ideas:

  • Fitness rooms:

One of the most essential rooms is the fitness room. As employees tend to work for long hours while staying in one spot and in a seated position. Due to this it causes obesity and hypertension. It causes stress and strain in the body. Many company’s invest in proper machinerys so that their employees can have physical fitness routines. 

  • Relaxing rooms:

There are some times when employees spend extra hours while completing their projects or early morning meetings are the part of some tasks. For these situations it is ideal to add some comfortable couches and bean bags for your employees in a  wellness room. Which will allow them to have a relaxed posture. Adding some funky cushions and cloak  will be all they need. These rooms allow employees to have short naps which ultimately increase their energy level and enhance productivity. 

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  • Meditation area

Meditation rooms or concentration rooms doesnot requires alot of designing or space but it requires silence and calmness. Employees who do meditation can eventually increase concentration and focus level. Simple stretching or yoga can increase blood flow and helps you to relax your mind and body. 

Meditation rooms is not always used for yoga or meditation some time all you need is some calm time to rethink about your project or task. It is a best spot for your employees to have some little peace time. 

  • Room for sick ones:

Some time weather changes or you can feel less active. In this situation if you are feeling down then you can relax or can have some quiet time in the wellness room. If you are wondering how to design a perfect wellness room for your employees then adding a health grade seating arrangement would be the first step. You can add neutral and calm colors and artworks.  The same goes for accessible areas or cosy spots. Whenever you feel stuck at some points or feel stressed, going to these spots refresh your mind and mood. Some organizations designed relaxed rooms with vibrant and comfy couches. 

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It increases their morale and makes employees energetic. At the same time, some organizations introduce greenery spots that are full of plants and flowers. The purpose of creating these rooms stays the same. 

Having greenery or vibrant colours support employees to relax. Having a small coffee spot in these areas boost their moods while enjoying a cup of coffee. 

  • Mothers rooms for employees:

Many female employees face quite a challenge while breastfeeding in offices. Some of them take breaks to do this. For this mothers room should have comfortable chairs and couches where females can have relaxing time while breastfeeding. There should be a basin and a space to wash bottles. Small storage compartments would be best for employees to store their belongings.small fridge can be quiet convenient for females to store bottles for babies. 


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