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Dashing Through the Snow: Top Three Spots for Winter Sports in Australia

Australia isn’t known for the highest peaks or mountain ranges. Yet, that hasn’t stopped the country’s natives from making the most of what they have. Add that to its long history of recreational winter sports, and you have what people would call an extensive sporting climate. It also helps that almost all resorts extend the skiing season with snow machines.

But if you wish to experience the exhilaration that winters can bring, you need to hit some of the best spots in the country. Of course, it’s also necessary to bring along exceptional snow gear.

With that said, here are some of the top picks for any snowboarding or skiing enthusiast:

  • Falls Creek in Victoria

It is only right to mention Falls Creek when there’s any discussion on skiing. Located in North-East Victoria, the resort is known for having the most amount of skiable terrain. If you’re looking for a somewhat relaxed experience, Falls Creek is the place for you. 

Still, if you wish to kick things up a notch, there is a 380-metre vertical drop that will cater to your adrenaline bone. Make sure you purchase a decent pair of snow goggles before opting for that. After all, considering the speed you’ll build up during that slide, you wouldn’t want to get bits or flecks of snow into your eyes.

  • Thredbo in New South Wales

Perhaps the closest thing to an alpine village in Australia, Thredbo, is a ski resort in the Kosciuszko National Park. It is just along the snowline and packed with lodges and restaurants. The best part? The place sees plenty of activity well into the summer.

Open to snowboarders and skiers alike, the resort has beginner, intermediate and advanced mountain lift passes available for 1 to 5 days. There are the Friday Flats for those just getting into winter sports, while the Central Spur is meant for more experienced individuals. If you want a real challenge, though, head to the Crankenback. Regardless, get some decent snow gear and check your board bindings before going anywhere near that.

  • Ben Lomond National Park in Tasmania

The Ben Lomond National Park is the only place that offers downhill skiing in Tasmania. Its two cross-country routes are also perfect if you are merely looking to dip your toes into winter sports. Doubling as skiing and walking trails, these lanes are marked by snow poles and can take you from Carr Villa to the Alpine Village and then to Little Hell. 

The trek takes a little over 3 hours and is perfect for acclimating you to what activity in the snow feels like without any associated risks. So, bring along a good pair of boots, preferably ones with good sole grip and durability, and you’re good to go.

Explore, but with the right gear.

While the mentioned names are some of Australia’s most popular winter sports spots, several other places can offer the same amount of fun. So, it helps you explore on your own and find hidden gems that most people may not know.

Nonetheless, wherever you choose to go, be it Falls Creek or Thredbo, always ensure that you carry the appropriate snow gear. After all, it is a matter of safety more than anything else.

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