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Customize Every Aspect Of Your Mac With This Guidebook

Make your Mac more personal by quickly changing the appearance and customizing the macOS to suit your personality. You don’t need to be stuck with the monotonous look of your Mac system and stare at a boring screen. You can spice things up by keeping in mind the following simple tweaks. 

Customize The Appearance Of The Mouse Pointer

Freshening up the appearance of the mouse pointer is a simple trick, but it can transform your interactions with everything on the Mac system. Mac users can highlight cursor and change color. You can also change the size of the mouse pointer. It can be quickly done by opening System Preferences and clicking on Accessibility settings. You need to select the Display option and switch to the pointer tab. You can personalize the size and fill color of the mouse cursor from there. The change will reflect across your Mac system. 

Personalize The Dock And Menu Bar

The menu bar and Dock can reflect your style if you give them a makeover. Even though the personalization options offered by macOS for the menu bar and Dock are limited, they can visually impact how your desktop appears. 

Go to the menu bar and Dock page by opening System Preferences and adjust the options according to your needs. You will even come across options to change the position and size of the Dock. You can also hide the Dock when not in use. The same visibility option can be turned on for the menu bar on the same page. 

Set The Wallpaper To Change Automatically

Bored of looking at the same wallpaper? You can set the wallpaper to automatically change every day or every hour to give your macOS desktop a fresh look. It can become tedious to manually change the wallpaper whenever you want to liven up your desktop’s appearance. 

Go to System Preferences and click Desktop & Screensaver to change the wallpaper automatically. Choose the existing folders or click the + icon to add a new folder. Then, select the desired folder and choose the Change picture option. From here, select your desired time interval. The wallpaper on your Mac system will automatically change throughout the day or every hour by circling through the pictures in the selected folder. 

Replace The macOS Color Scheme

Do you want the highlighted text to be different from the default blue? If so, go to System Preferences > click General > choose to change the Highlight Color to a color. You will come across eight choices in the menu, and if you don’t like them, select Other and choose any color from the color picker. 

You will also find the Appearance option that allows you to change the menus, buttons, and windows of all the applications to Graphite, a monochrome option. Graphite and blue are your only options, so if you don’t want to see those colorful minimize, close, and zoom buttons, this option is for you. 

Update The Login Screen

Mac’s login screen can be personalized quickly by choosing a new user picture for your account. Head to System Preferences > click Users & Groups > click Password. Choose the existing user picture and swap it out with any other picture from the Photos library. If you wish, you can also replace the picture with an Animoji or Memoji. You have to click Save to finalize your selection. 

Then, you might take it further and develop a personalized lock screen message. You can go to System Preferences > clicking Security & Privacy > clicking General. Then, check the Show a Message When the Screen is Locked box. If you don’t see this option and it is grayed out, you must select the Lock icon and enter the system password. Then, you can start making the changes. 

You have to click the Set Lock Message option and type what you wish would appear on the lock screen. Finally, click OK. Restart your Mac system to allow the changes to take place. 

Use Custom Sounds On Mac

Are you bored of the same sounds whenever you switch on or switch off your Mac system? You can personalize the sounds on your Mac system by selecting a different voice. Go to System Preferences > click Accessibility > click Spoken Content > select System Voice. Then, you have to select an alert sound from System Preferences > click Sound > choose Sound Effects. 

Users can also set their Mac to announce the time at specified intervals. It can be done from the System Preferences > click Date & Time > click Clock. 

The Bottom Line

These few personalization tweaks can revitalize the appearance of your macOS desktop and make it so much more fun to work. The enhanced visual appearance of your system will make it easier for you to perform tasks. 

So, what are you still waiting for? Get to work!

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