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Create an app that fits your business needs!

Builder.ai is an app builder that enables the creation of Android and iPhone applications and mobile webpages without writing a single line of code. It lets you develop and design an app without requiring any programming or hiring. The development platform lets you create Android and iPhone applications to increase your sales and customer base. The no-code platform is very intuitive and efficient with your time.

Are you a business owner? Do you have an urge to succeed beyond measures and create an influential business? You must broaden your horizons, think beyond the traditional marketing tactics and step up the digital marketing strategy for your business. Developing an application curated for your business will increase your reach exponentially. 

The online business market has become very saturated and highly competitive. Ordinary marketing tricks just do not cut it anymore. You must be innovative enough to convince people to open your business page and place an order. The ultimate goal of every business is to make sales, and having an app makes it a lot easier. Furthermore, it makes your business eligible to compete with larger, more established companies. Not to mention that once your app is well-established, the inflow of ads will create another stream of stable revenue. 

Furthermore, an application helps build an affinity with the customers. It collects feedback readily and easily – aiding your customer service teams to respond efficiently and leaving the customer satisfied. It also allows customers to have an experience personalized to their interests. These factors contribute to customers’ loyalty to your brand; a loyal customer is the best. Even though developing, maintaining, and affording the cost of developing an app can prove difficult, however, insignificant compared to the benefits it will reap. If your business is not ready to handle numerous sales, does not want to grow tremendously, and cannot cater to a much greater number of customers than before, creating an app is not for you! 

SMEs or entrepreneurs who know the sky is the limit must invest in an app for their business. 


We want you to create the most exemplary possible applications. We analyzed more than a million applications made in the builder to determine our customers’ demands and design capabilities that can be configured in only seconds. You can choose from any available features to achieve your project objectives. Incorporate any functionality tailored to you and your target audience.


Easily create an application interface that fits the visual identity of your business. One can add a brand logo or a brand vision inside the app. The application belongs to you. It must reflect your brand’s voice and identity. It all comes down to how well you use an app that lets you incorporate, attractive user interface, features and much more, to customize your brand. 



The app builder interacts with social networking websites to simplify content management. The development platform also features a simple CMS. It is a space that lets you update, store any items, photos, posts, relevant data etc. In case you already have a CMS, we ca integrate that with an app as well- we can probably make it work with Builder.ai.


Once development is complete, you may proceed towards the publishing phase of the app. You can launch it on Google’s or Apple’s Store. You can launch the app yourself too. If you want us to do it for you, feel free to connect with us. We handle every aspect of the procedure. You need to hit the publish button and wait.


Create an application that suits your business model to inflate sales, popularity, and customer loyalty. If you have a website that is adequate for your business, developing an application will be an excellent strategy for boosting the company’s success. If you trust your brand, its authenticity, and have quality products or services, there is no need to worry about the growth experience once the application is in the works. Jump on the bandwagon that is the future of business marketing and start developing an app with Builder.ai. 

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