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Common Retaliatory Actions that Spouses Should Not Take During Divorce

During divorce, hostility towards the other spouse can occur. In fact, a hostile spouse may want to seek revenge, especially if the other spouse is to blame for the breakdown of the marriage. But although retaliating against one spouse may give short-term relief, it can hurt the divorce case in the end. A divorce lawyer near me will advise against retaliation during divorce as this can ruin the strategy they have built to help their client secure their desired outcomes. The following are retaliatory actions a spouse may take during divorce and why they must be avoided:

Not Leaving Anything to the Spouse

A lot of people choose to live separately during the divorce. The spouse who moves out of the family house may do so without telling their spouse. They may take all appliances and belongings with them when they move out. However, doing so can increase the resentment and may lead to the spouse taking negative action against the other spouse. 

Causing Problems for the Spouse

In some instances, the combative feelings between divorcing spouses are so great that one may cause problems for the other. For instance, one spouse may get the other fired from their job or report them to the tax department. During a divorce, spouses usually wish to recover a reasonable settlement. But this may not be possible if the government freezes one party’s assets or when this party has lost their job. 

Telling of a Spouse’s Affair

Learning about the affair of a spouse is quite hard to go through. The spouse being cheated on may feel vengeful and try to run to the cheating spouse and tell them what they discovered. Sometimes, an extramarital affair is brought up during the divorce; however, it must be done only during mediation sessions or limited to the courtroom. 

Taking the Kids

When the divorce case starts, a temporary child custody order may be issued by a court, determining the parent the kids must live with as the process goes on. Until the divorce is completed, nobody must take the kids and move with them, especially out of state. However, a lot of parents use their kids as weapons during the divorce process. Unfortunately, this can be quite damaging for all those involved. if a spouse took the kids, they could face legal troubles. A family judge will not tolerate this action and may charge this parent with kidnapping. 

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