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Buy Ethereum

The concept of cryptocurrency is not yet ten years old, and operations with the first coin – bitcoin – began only in 2011. But today, the number of new electronic currencies with different exchange rates and the number of issued coins has more than 750 names, and the total capitalization is more than 100 billion dollars. In this mass, one of the youngest currencies (2015) with unique blockchain technology, Ethereum, occupied its niche. The article will discuss how to buy 0.005 eth to usd.

Where is the best place to buy it?

Ethereum is sold freely on exchanges and through exchangers specializing in cryptocurrency transactions. You can’t buy ETH, which is often relatively high, without a fee. Therefore, when purchasing, you need to study all the offers and choose a reliable option that is optimal in price. So, all exchanges differ in interface convenience, authorization requirements, trading volumes, language, etc. And the exchanger must be chosen depending on the currency with which it is planned to pay for the purchase, and preferably the one where the user’s funds are located.

On the exchange

It is one of the most trustworthy and promising methods to buy cryptocurrency. If the user already has an account on the exchange, he can purchase Ethereum from it with almost no commission.

The security of the transaction is ensured by two-factor authorization, the generation of codes to confirm operations, and a password. This form of investment is suitable for significant investments and participation in trading operations on the stock exchange. It allows you to purchase digital currency at current exchange rates. Another of its advantages is the ability to store coins on exchange accounts and participate in trade and exchange processes.

Before proceeding to the purchase and sale, you can register an Ethereum wallet (MyEtherWallet) on the cryptocurrency website and replenish your account. Or open an account directly when registering on the exchange. This happens automatically.

The process of buying Ethereum on any exchange consists of several steps:

  • Registration and getting a password.
  • Go to the wallet. You will see the account balance in the upper right corner. The wallet is multifunctional; money is withdrawn from it to bank cards and electronic wallets and is replenished using cards and payment systems. To enter, you must use a special code and a private key.
  • To purchase digital currency, one of the payment methods is selected in the wallet menu – a card or a payment system.
  • Specify the currency pair for the operation, such as 0.007 eth to usd, and the transfer amount. To purchase, go to the “Orders to sell” tab. All offers will appear at the current market price.
  • Click on the selected offer, after which the price and the purchased volume appear in the purchase window. Press the “Buy” button.

Purchase for cash

In monitoring exchangers, you need to select the “Cash” column, then the currency on the bank card. The second column selects the currency you want to buy, in this case, Ethereum. On the right side of the screen, there is a table of exchangers with current exchange rates, including digital ones. When choosing a service with the most favorable exchange rate, you should also pay attention to the reserve of this currency – there may not be enough volume for the client. In the same window, you can study information about the service and reviews. Next, go to the site. The window enters the amount the user gives, and the next window shows the amount in the currency he receives. Then the number of the card from which the money is debited is entered, and the number of the Ethereum wallet where the purchased currency will go. The system will require the introduction of personal data. It remains to agree to the terms and click the “Exchange” button.

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