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Best Astrological Remedies to Improve Relationship with Your Mother-In-Law

Getting hitched to a person also signifies you are getting hitched to another family. Thus, not just you would need to adjust yourself with your partner, but with their parent in any case. What if there is a state of conflict with your in-laws? Please don’t lose hope too quickly, as, at present, we are going up to assist you in spotting the in-law’s problem you may be having and give Vedic astrological remedies to help overpower tough mother-in-law issues. Expectantly, you will get the solution from astrologers in Hyderabad to these household issues and can make peace with them.

What Are The Reasons For Troubles With Your Mother-In-Law?

1. If there are problems in the natives’ 11th, 9th, and 10th house, this creates the Pap Katri Yoga, leading to troubles with the mother-in-law. Since the Rahu and Moon combination is in the 10th house, the natives will never experience a friendly relationship with the mother-in-law.

2. One more reason that leads to trouble in relations is when a girl has harassed a pregnant woman, widow or stolen anybody’s wealth in the previous life. There are always problems between the woman and mother-in-law in such a situation.

3. While Rahu impacts the moon and the key planets in the natal chart, the two individuals always disapprove of each other. They insult and do not respect each other. Women dominating others can’t be good mothers-in-law ever. Since Moon-Ketu and Moon-Saturn negatively affect an individual’s birth chart, thus, they can be a good wife and mother-in-law.

4. Since the second position is weak in the marriage horoscope of a woman, her mother-in-law is jealous of her education and prettiness. Apart from this, she also dislikes everything that she does. Moreover, the mother-in-law always interferes in her life and doesn’t give any emotional support.

5. A woman with weak Mars and Mercury is another reason behind troubles with her mother-in-law, according to astrology Kundli. On the other hand, people having weak Rahu-Ketu, and Mercury impacting the planets aren’t able to get respect inside the house.

6. If the fourth house of the lord isn’t put in the right position, there is always distress among the family members. Since Pitra Dosh is in such houses and the girl’s Mangal is weak, the clash takes place with the mother-in-law.

What Are The Solutions/Remedies For Troubles With Mother-In-Law As Per The Best Astrologer In Hyderabad?

If you’re facing troubles with your mother-in-law and others, irrespective of Kundli Milan by name, there are a few solutions that can be practised:

1. Some families often undergo recurrent dissonances to ensure that such conflicts don’t occur; then, it’s vital to plant trees at the entry gate. This will lead to peace and harmony within the house.

2. Offer copper coins, turmeric pieces, and yellow gram lentils to in-laws four days before the marriage day. All of these are indications of good well-being to the family members. Doing so before leaving your husband’s home will aid in living a life full of joy and excitement.

3. In quite a few circumstances, husbands can sometimes unnecessarily become very livid on minor problems. In such cases, it is recommended to the wife to carry salt, jaggery, and a couple of silver coins at the time of the fortnight moon, primarily on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, and hide them anywhere within the house. The wife will soon start seeing changes in her husband.

4. There is one more solution for resolving problems with the mother-in-law cleaning the kitchen on your own. This may look a little strange to you, but it aids in improving relations with the person. Furthermore, offering tea to the mother-in-law will give great strength to building good relations with in-laws.

5. As per the best astrologer in Hyderabad, being a daughter-in-law, you must not leave the family responsibility to the mother-in-law. You must look after the age of your mother-in-law.

6. Following marriage, the mother always worries that her son might not change, and the daughter-in-law worries that her partner gives more importance to her mother than her. Thus, there is a separation in the marriage relation. In this case, both of them have to build their understanding. The mother wants her son to have some independence, and the wife wants that the foremost right belongs to the mother.


Apart from the solutions or remedies by astrologers in Hyderabad mentioned above, it is important to give space to everybody to build solid relations with in-laws. Keep yourself away from intervening with others and attempt to adjust with each other to solve the issues. Besides, ensure that your house has a Tulsi plant at the entry gate; you offer food to birds.

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