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Benefits of Math: Surprising Ways It Helps Kids

From sunflowers, rainbows, and honeycombs to human features, shadows and galaxies, nature is full of mathematical patterns. Though we are born with a curiosity for learning, the ability to do mathematics is not inborn. That kind of development happens with exposure, experiences, and the knowledge of fundamentals. For example, young children learn symmetry while playing with building blocks and sharing food. Given the right environment, proper math summer camps,  and encouragement, every child is capable of learning math. Mathematics is one of the compulsory subjects at school, considering how it is at the center of our culture and daily life.


“Mathematics links art and science in one great enterprise, the human attempt to make sense of the world”, said award-winning mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah. Architecture, cooking, origami, music composition and fashion designing, among other creative outlets, prove that creativity has its roots in mathematics. If your child made a paper bird, she has done brilliant mathematical calculations.

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Some children enjoy learning new mathematical theories and tackling new problems. Once your child gets the thrill of solving the mysteries behind numbers, they will be excited to learn more. It initiates enthusiasm and passion in children, leading them to be passionate adults in the future. Start with teaching them the simple strategies of math.


Confidence over mathematics influences a child’s self-confidence and vice-versa. Introduce math at a young age, it gives children the time to befriend it. Making mathematics fun and vital part of children’s lives improves their overall confidence. It reflects a growth mindset, willingness to persevere, and a positive attitude towards mistakes.

Universal logic

Regardless of geographical boundaries and culture, mathematics is the only language that is shared by humanity universally. For instance, billing the total cost of groceries is done using the same process, whether it is in rupee, dollar, or yen. It helps in solving difficult equations and making better daily decisions.

Practice makes perfect

Consistent and regular practice along with a good understanding of fundamentals can make anybody good at mathematics. So, when your child understands this concept, he or she will learn to apply it to other areas of interest as well. Mathematics cultivates the patience required to acquire new skills like singing, gymnastics, or learning a new language.

Career prospects

Having a good grip on mathematics gains them a better chance of landing their dream job. Employers prefer confident individuals who have good work ethics, an understanding of monetary values of things, and are prudent about value for work. Mathematics makes children judicious which adds to their personality throughout their life.

A school where math is fun!

Students see mathematics with terror. To encourage mathematical appreciation, Winmore Academy, one of the best CBSE schools In Bangalore, employs engaging, interactive, and fun activities in the classroom. These learning sessions alleviate students’ fear of math and encourage active learning. In Addition, inter-school mathematics championships are held to recognize and boost the math-lovers. At Winmore, we look forward to learning maths because here, learning is meaningful.

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