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Artificial Garden Grass: Installation Guide

Obviously, artificial turf has gained a lot of popularity in a very short time. Most people replace traditional natural grass with artificial grass. This is due to the wide range of benefits that artificial grass provides. The most important benefit of having an artificial lawn is that it saves water, time, and money. The cost of hiring a professional installer is quite high, so most people do it themselves. If you plan to install artificial turf, the following installation instructions will help you. If you are looking for artificial grass for your Gardenvila visit our site.

  1. Excavation: Before installing an artificial lawn in the yard, it is necessary to dig the place where the lawn will be placed. Dig to a depth of three to four inches. If there is an irrigation system in the area, turn it off.
  2. Installation of Binder Boards: Binder boards are usually made of recycled materials. However, when buying, make sure it is broken and completely waterproof. It is best to have plastic folding plates. Put it everywhere This ensures that the fields are strong enough to withstand the pressure. You will also find wooden folding boards. But do not use them as they are not waterproof and can break easily.
  3. Installation of artificial garden lawn: Artificial lawn is nothing more than a large carpet that has to be folded on the ground where you want to plant the lawn. Cut the locusts according to the size of the area with a sharp knife. Galvanized staples are commonly used to fasten lawn edges. Some use U-shaped shields; But galvanized staples are the best option.
  4. Replenish the lawn: After installing artificial turf in the garden, the next step is to help restore the lawn. SBR or styrene-butadiene rubber is the usual filler. SBRs are made of rubber cubes, cars, and bicycles. The only problem with this filling is that it can come out; It can be attached to pet feet and children’s clothing or shoes. As a result, manufacturers have launched many options in SBR. Some of these options are environmentally friendly. You can’t even fill it with artificial grass. They have a blade of grass and a layer of straw.
  5. Garden Care: Artificial lawns require minimal maintenance. However, every step of the maintenance process should be done in detail. If there is any stain or stain on the grass, clean it gently with a garden brush or brush. Wash grass at least once a month to keep it bright.

This set of instructions should be useful to you. Be careful when choosing an artificial grass company. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. This guarantees that the artificial grass will last a long time and will not need to be replaced for the next ten years.

Having green grass is the best way to connect with nature. If you plan to grow green grass, think about it. Think of your children and pets walking on the grass. This allows them to be exposed to pesticides, chemicals, dirt, fertilizers, and insects. In this case, you can replace the idea of ​​a traditional garden lawn with an artificial garden lawn. Synthetic herbs can give a beautiful look without the side effects of herbs and pesticides.

Also, having an artificial lawn will not force you to save your lawn in your spare time. You can get rid of acne, irrigation, weeds, and wood washing. However, artificial grass needs some care.

Let’s look at ways to protect artificial grass:

Keep it clean: Rain cleans it naturally, but special care is required to remove dirt, make-up, and dust from the lawn. Wash the herbs with herbs and gently water the lawn with a garden hose. Make sure there are no external objects left, such as leaves, stitches, or threads. Once these things rot, the grass fibers can sink. Cleaning can be done with a leaf crystal or cleanser.

Regular cleaning: Regular cleaning is needed to prevent weeds from mowing. You can use a stiff brush or a stiff brush for this. Regular brushing of teeth helps to keep the artificial knife straight.

Protect it from UV rays: Some artificial grasses do not protect from the sun. Make sure you have coverage of the product you are buying. This ensures that your lawn is protected from bad fs.

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