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Al Nowras Logistics Solution – Multiple Car Loading Service in Oman

Al Nowras Logistics Solution is one of the premier logistics providers in Sultanate. They have formed long-standing relationships with top shipping lines, and provide outstanding customer support services.

With offices located in Khatmat Malha, Wajajah, and Salalah they offer timely shipping solutions that meet all of your time-sensitive shipping requirements – customs clearance to bonded transport and 24-hour customer service are provided by their team of professionals.

For multiple car loading service in Oman, opt for Al Nowras logistics solution. 

Transport & Customs Clearance

If your project requires multiple vehicles, the ideal solution would be partnering with a logistics firm that specializes in air and sea freight. Al Nowras Logistics Solution in the GCC offers over two decades of experience and offers expert team members capable of everything from planning to implementation as well as customs clearance services and haulage solutions.

If your project requires multiple car shipping, Al Nowras Logistics Company offers comprehensive transport and customs clearance solutions that specialize in transport and customs clearance services. They have developed long-term relationships with top companies throughout their region as well as an on-call customer support hotline to serve all their customer’s needs 24/7/365. They make an ideal partner that can meet all your transportation and customs clearance needs efficiently and cost effectively.

Import and export goods require customs clearance before being delivered to their final destinations, with this process including inspecting cargo, assessing any applicable duties or taxes and making sure items comply with import regulations. Al Nowras Logistics Services are experts at managing every step of this process, including customs clearance.

This company is a premier provider of road logistics services in the Middle East, with offices located in Salalah, Wajajah and Khatmat Malha. Their team of specialists can assist in all stages of project execution from planning through implementation; air and sea freight options can also be offered so your goods arrive on time and intact.

Road Transport

Al Nowras Logistics Solution offers numerous road transport options for anyone needing goods transported via road. Their offices span the GCC and can handle shipments of any size – be it one pallet or container cargo. Their staff will make sure your shipment arrives on time and in perfect condition. They also offer warehousing services so your business can reduce shipping expenses while managing inventory more effectively and reduce spending overall. They guarantee transparency by giving an honest quote so you can make informed decisions for your company.

Shipping between GCC countries can be complex, but Al Nowras’ experienced staff know exactly how to navigate customs clearance and shipping rules in this region. Their team stands ready to answer any queries related to GCC shipping regulations while their dedication to superior customer service ensures they go above and beyond to exceed customer expectations.

Al Nowras offers multi-car shipping for many reasons, such as car dealerships and rental agencies reducing shipping costs while military families transferring for duty may need economical multi-car shipping options. Their fleet of trucks can transport any type of car imaginable – exotic or standard alike! – while they will work closely with you to find the most efficient method of moving them all at once.

Air & Sea Freight

Oman offers numerous companies that provide air and sea freight services, from pallet deliveries to full container loads. Their global networks allow them to offer superior quality at highly competitive rates while their dedicated teams will work closely with you in tailoring services to fit your unique requirements.

Rajab Xpress, an Oman-based transportation company, boasts the necessary expertise, knowledge and financial capability to meet your transport requirements. They specialize in heavy haul cargo transport as well as turnkey project management services for turnkey projects as well as breakbulk chartering service – their “Total Supply Chain Solutions” can deliver timely and cost-efficient results for businesses of any type or size. Their fleet includes Tankers (for petrol or diesel), Bulk-movers/Tankers pressure-tankers for chemicals/liquidified gases storage as well as Extra Long Load Vehicles such as Flatbed trucks/Tipper Trailers which allow for heavy loads such as earth/sand/rock).

No matter the nature or size of your shipment needs, they have you covered. Their team of logistics professionals will take the time to listen and understand your shipping requirements before helping select an optimal mode of transport with cost estimates and timelines to deliver your parcel on time and intact. With their global network and secure transport capabilities they guarantee on-time arrival of each delivery.


Experienced in both shipping and warehousing, they offer reliable yet cost-effective services. Their warehouses in Muscat and Salalah can handle bulk, break-bulk and containerized loads with trucks, cranes and flatbed trailers that can transport these loads. With services including crating, labeling, packing and documentation – as well as warehouse management services and logistic projects – these companies deliver efficient solutions at reasonable costs.

Their team of professional engineers and experienced logistics experts provides customers with end-to-end service from start to finish, making them one of the leading supply chain partners with technology, people and personalized service that help businesses expand. Their global networks span multiple countries and continents for easy product and service delivery to marine industry customers.

LSI Marine offers air freight, sea freight, rail freight and land freight services at competitive rates, while their highly trained crew manages both less-than-container load (LCL) and full container load (FCL) shipments. Furthermore, they offer warehouse solutions, customized packing/crate solutions, labelling/packing/labeling as well as project cargo services.

Oman Logistics Services are a premier logistics provider, specializing in air and sea transport for automotive parts, electrical equipment, construction machinery and medical supplies. Their fleet includes flatbed trucks with long decks for transport.

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