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8 Smart Link Building Tips That Works in 2022

The more backlinks you have, the higher you will rank for the keyword phrase and other related terms. The most important thing about link building is links should be relevant to your content and target keywords, while there are no follow or nofollow attributes in anchor text (link) this is a personal preference. 

In today’s post I am going to share some SEO tips about link building. We know that link building is one of the crucial factors when it comes to ranking high on Google search engine results page. In order to get the best out of link building we need to be aware of certain things such as:

Know your talent

You need to identify what type of work you can do and how you can make money from them. This way you will be able to build up a portfolio online which will help you to stand out from others.

If you want to start making money from home then you need to create niche blogs and websites about topics that interest you. You can also consider starting an affiliate marketing campaign where you promote products and services which you are interested in.

Link building is the process of creating quality backlinks to your website by getting free backlinks from other sites. These backlinks will boost your position in the SERPs (search engines results pages).

There are various ways to build links, but the process is always the same. You start with finding a webmaster who has a site similar to yours. Then you contact him/her and offer your service or product.

You ask if he/she wants a backlink to his site. Of course, you must offer something valuable in return. After a few weeks or months, you get the result. Your new backlink appears on the webmaster’s site. He writes a nice article about your company, adds a backlink, and voila! You got a backlink.

To increase your link building process you can use tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. You can take benefits of SEMrush free trial to get started.

Track your keyword rankings

It is very important to track the performance of your keywords over time. To do so, you need to use tools such as SEMRush and Google Keyword Planner.

These tools will show you how well each keyword performs and how much traffic it generates. If your keywords get enough clicks and views, they are likely to move up in the rankings. It is recommended to focus on long-tail keywords rather than broad ones.

Keywords are like the seeds of your business. If you plant too many seeds at once, all your efforts will go to waste. It takes a lot of effort and patience to grow good seeds into big plants.

Research competitors

Once you have identified your potential customers, it is time to find out what their interests are. How do they find information about you? What are their demands?

Then you need to look closely at your top competitors and try to understand why they are successful. Find out what makes them unique and better than everyone else.

You need to analyze their backlinks, see what kind of posts they publish, and find out what keywords they use. This will give you an insight into their strategies and help you choose the right direction to take. You can find Appsumo lifetime deals on SEO tools that will save you money.

Clean up your inbound links

One of the most common mistakes made by marketers is linking to bad sites. Many companies still buy thousands of links every month even though Google now penalizes those kinds of links.

So before buying links, check whether the site actually works. There may be some negative SEO tactics used to damage your page rank. Check for broken images, videos, and other content. And don’t forget to remove any unnatural links.

Do not copy others’ content

Content theft happens often these days. Sometimes, clients hire freelancers to write content for them. It is just one way to earn easy cash without putting in much hard work.

But this is illegal and could lead to serious consequences. When someone steals content from another blogger, there is no guarantee that he/she will add a backlink pointing to your site.

Be sure to copyright all your content. It should include the name of the author, date published, title, source URL, etc.

Include social media buttons

If you want people to share your content, make sure you include social media sharing buttons (like Facebook ‘Like’ button). Social sharing can increase traffic flow significantly.

Always update your content regularly. People tend to read only things that are fresh and up-to-date. So, keep adding new posts. Also, if you know how to use video marketing effectively, you can post regular videos on your website, YouTube channel, etc.

Use social networks

Social networking isn’t dead yet. In fact, it has become more popular than ever before. The platforms like Twitter and Instagram have proven that they can play a crucial role when it comes to increasing engagement and traffic.

The best thing about using social media is that it gives you direct access to your audience. You can ask questions or provide answers to queries directly.

Social media also allows you to interact with your readers in real time. This means that you can comment on their posts, answer their questions, and respond to comments. All of this helps you build trust and rapport.

Make your content sharable

There are several ways of making your content viral. One of the most effective methods is to create infographics. They are fun, visually appealing, and easy to digest. Infographics can be shared within seconds.

Another way to increase virality is to put relevant hashtags in your tweets or Instagram posts. Hashtags allow people to easily search through related topics. If your followers start searching for a specific hashtag, they might stumble across your content and share it with their friends.

This is especially true for bloggers who share infographics on their websites. Readers get inspired by seeing beautiful graphics, so they share them as well.


Good content will attract links. However, the degree of your visibility depends on your link building efforts. What works best for your business? We recommend using these tools to help grow your business.

Great content is an important part of any website. You should create content that is useful and interesting to readers. In addition, if you want to improve your SEO ranking, make sure you subscribe to our daily newsletter. 

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