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6 Health Tips Your Horse Can Benefit From

When you get a horse for the first time, you might doubt your choice and have so many questions about how to take care of it. Having a horse is a huge responsibility. You should feed it properly and keep it well-groomed. 

As you take care of your horse, you will soon learn its responses to each of your steps. This way, you will know what works and what doesn’t for your horse. 

Here are some tips to help you take care of your horse. 

Schedule Vet Exams

Just like us, horses need medical checkups and see their vet every year. Your horse may look beautiful and healthy from the outside, but only a vet would be able to examine if there is an internal issue. 

So schedule annual vet exams without a miss and avoid significant health risks later on. 

Feed Quality Food

Depending on what you feed the horse, it will stay healthy or get sick over time. A horse needs roughage to stay fit and healthy. Since you have bought a horse, you need to spend money on buying quality food as well.

Take your time and look for healthier food options especially if you are preparing it for a horse jumping show. 

File Your Horse’s Teeth

Since horses start to live with us, their teeth begin to wear down unevenly. The reason is that they get to eat the same food over and over again. Take your horse to a vet to file down the horse’s teeth.

Regular teeth filing is essential to detect any issues like access or lose teeth. 

Check Their Weight

Make sure to keep your horse at an optimum weight. If the horse is overweight, it puts extra stress on the horse’s legs. On the contrary, it is a sign of weakness if it is underweight. In this case, your horse is not eating properly and is malnourished. 

Both conditions are not good for your horse. Decrease the grain intake if the horse is overweight and increase the diet if it is not gaining enough weight. 

Minimize Stress

As an owner, you should also care for the mental well-being of your horse. Horses are sensitive, downright, and nervous creatures that are more likely to get stressed and fall ill. But you can avoid this situation by caring for them. Make sure that your horse always has another horse as a companion.

Take special care when training a new horse and avoid being loud or impatient. Keep training slow and gradual. Try giving them some alone time to enjoy rolling and running loose. 

Take Care of the Horse’s Hooves

If you love horse riding, you need to take extra care of your horse. Take good care of your horse’s legs and hooves. If there is local inflammation or pain, you can apply topical Equine CBD Products to your horse. 

Make sure that they are clean and that there is no object stuck that hinders their movement. If you don’t take good care, then you won’t be able to do fun activities with your horse like horse jumping and riding.

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