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5 Electric Bike Maintenance Tips To Know

An electric bike, just like the electric trike, offers versatile travel options, ranging from pedal power, motor power or a combination of the two. While ebikes are terrific for both business and pleasure because they are reliable and fun, you should follow proper maintenance procedures to keep them riding smoothly.

1. Keep the Battery Partially Charged at All Times

Battery maintenance is important for ensuring the longest electric bike life cycle possible. Many ebikes are equipped with lithium-ion batteries, which are light and offer the best range and longevity. Because keeping this type of battery at maximum charge hastens its degradation and quality, you should never keep the battery charged to 100%. Likewise, because fully discharging the battery can also cause damage and affect performance over time, it is recommended that ebike batteries hold a charge of 30% to 60% while they are not in use.

2. Regularly Check for Loose Bolts and Broken Parts

Traditional bicycles have lots of moving parts, and the motorized models have even more things that could loosen, snap, tear or freeze. Sadly, if you’re not actively checking for signs of wear and tear, you might not be alerted to it until you’re in motion, so pay attention to any changes in the feel of the ride and give the bike a visual and hands-on check before and after rides. If things start to feel loose or rattly, take your wrench out and give your bolts a tightening check. Be especially cognizant of the bolts that keep the crank arms tight, as they absorb a rider’s weight with every pedal stroke.

3. Familiarize Yourself With the Maintenance Manual

The best way to be proactive about maintenance on ebikes for teens to ensure their safety is to read the instruction manual while the ebike is in front of you. Learning how the gear shifter, brake system, rear rack, throttle and the other components form and run as a whole is the first step to recognizing if something is failing and how to fix it.

4. Keep Your Drivetrain Clean

The drivetrain is the group of parts that cause the bike to move when you pedal. A dirty chain contributes to drivetrain wear, so keeping it clean is tantamount to ensuring properly running equipment. Experts recommend de-greasing and oiling your chain at least once a month. Another part of the drivetrain, the derailleur, which acts as the gear-shifting mechanism, should be sprayed with lubricant at least every few months to help repel dirt and water.

5. Keep Those Tires Inflated

Whether you’re talking about the best electric bikes for seniors 2022 or ebikes with fat tires designed for off-road travel, the tires carry the weight and can deteriorate without attention. Checking tire pressure before every ride and adjusting the psi for your style of riding will help ensure premium performance, which cuts down on the motor’s effort and lowers the risk of a blowout.

Ebikes are both enjoyable and practical. They are reliable vehicles that can last for years with proper maintenance. If you’re considering purchasing an ebike, shop online to see the many makes and styles that are currently on the market.

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