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4 Cheap but Best Flooring Upgrades you Ought to Try

Money – everyone loves to have more of it without turning it down. But there are times when people throw it away carelessly on unnecessary food habits or otherwise. One can relate this in the case of home improvements as well. Our homes are the best investments one can ever have in a lifetime. If it’s a large house, it can become burdensome because ts hard to manage its maintenance over time. 

Perhaps, it’s one of the main reasons people want to sell their homes and are looking for DHA Bahawalpur plots for sale to buy a new home that requires fewer expenses in terms of maintaining the house. 

Talking about home improvements, people often neglect the mighty floors they walk upon. When looking to save money before a good sale, do not forget to upgrade the floors. 

So before you stage your home to sell, you need to upgrade the floors to give your house the illusion of quality.  And do not fess, because flooring upgrades do NOT need to be expensive. 

Cheap Flooring Upgrades for your Home

Stained Concrete  

While the image that conjures in mind is of a garage, stained concrete can be used inside your home too! Although many believe that once something is spilled on the stained concrete floor, it will permanently mark the ground forever. Well, in earnest, it may be true. But adding a stained concrete floor in your home, like in a kitchen, can add more quality to your home improvement. 

For instance, if you lived in an apartment with concrete floors, a professional designer can add a variety of colors, and even textures to increase the durability, and longevity of the concrete floor. 

These floors are highly affordable and easy to install. If interested in modern decor, a concrete floor upgrade is all you need. 


At the time of sale, people usually remove the carpets. It is standard practice, but updating a floor with a carpet can work wonders. 

Carpets are available in a variety of styles, weaving, and coloring allowing you to decorate the room of your choice however you please. Plus, it’s a low-cost way to soften the interior looks and be more decorative in nature. Some carpets are more stain-resistant than others in terms of design and material. Whatever choice you come up with, make sure that you vacuum the carpets regularly. 

You can easily find affordable carpets at local markets or at vendors to liven up the living space with minimum effort. 

Vinyl Plank 

Because a vinyl plank offers value, durability, and ease of maintenance, it is now trending as a cheap flooring upgrade. 

A vinyl plank floor is often seen in commercials if you’ve ever noticed. Reason? It’s a way to flaunt new provocative flooring for modern kitchens. If interested in installing a vinyl plank floor, you are in much luck because the very flooring is strong enough to support flooring applications like heavy refrigerators. The placement of heavy appliances does not leave a scratch or mark behind! 

A vinyl plank floor is water-resistant (which is great!). You can even install a wood base or a tile floor design and pattern available in more colorful variety than any other cheap flooring upgrades you may have thought about earlier. These floors are best for houses located in wet or more humid areas especially most suitable in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. 


With modern technology, lamination has come a long way in terms of home improvement. Laminating floors has always been one of the oldest practices to upgrade the flooring on a tight budget. 

Today’s lamination is more about just covering a floor. It’s now all about the high-definition top layer that offers more realistic wood looks. So if you are done with the carpet flooring, a lamination can work just fine. 

Water and moisture surely are the Achilles’ heel for a laminated floor however, the new variety is more water-resistant in comparison to old varieties. These days some vendors even offer custom hand-scraped lamination floors too for a reasonable price.   


So, these were some of the most common and great options for home flooring. Choosing the right floor upgrade for selling a house or for a home improvement can take longer than expected. However one should not rush things through when its about floor up-gradation. When thinking of upgrading your floors, always keep your budget in mind along with your home interior too. 

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