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3 Things to Consider When Choosing A Removalist Service

Melbourne boasts a strong economy with its skilled workforce and investment in key growth sectors like education, technology, science and medicine. The city has created millions of job opportunities, and its population is expected to increase by 52 per cent by 2040. With so many people moving across the city, there has been a growing demand for removals in Melbourne.       

But home moves or office moves are complex. It requires you to be organised so the move goes seamlessly. Hence, an efficient, reliable and experienced removalist is crucial for a smooth move. 

You must consider three crucial things when choosing a removalist. Following are the details.

  1. Check if the removalist has insurance

You probably thought of hiring a removalist to ensure that your items are delivered safely. 

While the service provider’s efficiency comes down to the quality of the company and its experience, it is necessary to work with an insured firm.

You must read reviews and enquire about removalists’ working process to ensure they treat everything carefully. But accidents can happen to even the most experienced removalists. Hence, a good removalist should be covered for unexpected events that might take place en route. So, it’s worth checking the insurance details of your removalist.

  1. Read reviews and ask for recommendations

It would be best if you did some research before entrusting a removalist service with the content of your house. You can ask your friends for recommendations to shortlist potential removalists you can work with.

You should ensure that the removalist has a good record of delivering quality jobs and has satisfied customers. It is also crucial to read negative reviews to make a more informed decision.

It is even better if you look at the testimonials of previous customers to confirm you have chosen the right service for transporting your precious items. 

Hence, when looking for removals in Melbourne, make sure they offer the services you want and go through the reviews given by previous customers. For instance, if you need a removalist to pack and transport your belongings, you should know if the removalist has experience wrapping and packing items.

  1. Get a breakdown of costs

Australia’s national online removalist booking platform revealed that Melbourne accounted for about 27 per cent of relocation enquiries in the first two quarters of 2022. As you start enquiring, you should know how much the service will cost. 

You must look at everything included in the price, so you are not surprised by extra charges later. For example, the price of removalists mentions the transportation fee, but they might need to include the cost of packing and unpacking. So, before you decide on a service, ask for quotes and a complete cost breakdown.

Removalists usually quote hourly fees, charged in half-hour or fifteen-minute time slots. But it is only possible to calculate the exact cost your removal job will take once the service provider looks at your items and factors in other things that come into play at the time of relocation.

The factors that affect the price are the volume of contents, the required number of trips, road traffic and the distance between locations. Sometimes you may even need to pay extra charges if you have difficulty accessing your property. 


When choosing a removalist service, remember not to go with the cheapest option, for you could be risking your precious items. So check some facts, inquire thoroughly about the business, and then decide. You can also expedite and simplify the moving process by pre-packing some items, booking an early timeslot, confirming your booking date, and assisting. 

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